Opportunity… How To Identify One For You!

Opportunity… How To Identify One For You!

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Opportunity… How To Identify One For You!

This maybe the most important message I’ve written to you about in a long time.  The premise is simple, the result monumental.  Over the past 10 years or so teaching entrepreneurs and business owners of all shapes and sizes and all kinds of kinds, I have always used the following statement when selling, influencing, presenting to them… 

“You never know when opportunity is going to cross your path, or you cross it… the difference between the consistently and always successful and those that are not, is what you do when an opportunity does come your way.  Successful people reach out and grab on to it and hold on tight taking it for a ride and then if warranted embracing it and giving it direction, momentum, purpose, nurturing it to prosper.  Those who are constantly finding success, money, even happiness running away from them, always fleeting… it is because they do not capture opportunity, they do not recognize it, they squander it as it goes by.” 

Here’s is the point – you do not ever know what will come of an opportunity unless you take advantage of it.  You can only be sure of this saying that I love… 


And that my friends is the key to entrepreneurship. 

You have to be an adventurer, on a never ending expedition, a journey for discovery of opportunity, of ideas, of things that make your life richer, both in money and in significance. 

The biggest dilemma that you face is being as they say in the right place at the right time, for which you do not know.  You have to be able to learn to identify opportunity and most importantly attract it. 

You do this by following a very simple formula and you construct your life around this formula. 

It is this – 

BE Where Opportunity Is 

Go Places Where Ideas are born, breed, and encouraged. 

Always live with an open mind, with your profit antenna’s up and know that critical judgment is never where the creative mind lives and that the creative mind is the one that manifest opportunity and generates energy for money to flow. 

Opportunity is the lifeblood of every entrepreneur’s business, it is the one thing that time and time again leads to breakthroughs, leads to more better faster growth, customers, money. 

You must position yourself and open your life up to nurturing and fertilizing opportunity around you, you must associate with people who feel this same way, who are make things happen people, you must be led by, mentored by, directed by people who believe that opportunity is endless and by having their own they become a catalyst for you to have your own. 

You must reciprocate this type of leadership with everyone around you. 

Now, I will tell you this, and I want you to remember it and always believe it – I say this all the time and it is 100% true, for you in your business, hopefully for your life, THE BEST IS ALWAYS YET TO COME, and it is your job to create it and it is by being open to opportunity. 

Opportunity for you can come in the form of

  • A person
  • An idea
  • A business
  • A joint venture
  • A new product
  • A customer with connections
  • A resource
  • An event

And many other things…an opportunity can come from stores, movies, books, experiences, any one and any thing can be your source for opportunity. 

It is up to your mind being in the position to accept it and for your business being in a position to embrace and integrate it. 

You know something. 

And I want you to remember this and write it down. 

It only takes one opportunity to change everything.  Everything. 

Only one and this can be all the difference, for you it will be, it should be happening often in your life, if it is not you are not in the right places, doing the right things, being around the right people…good news! 

I’m going to change all of that for you.  Because today I am bringing you an opportunity, the ultimate catalyst for taking your business to an entirely new and greater level of existence. 

And I’m serious about this.  You should have heard the news by now, maybe even received your invitation.  Today, I give it to you again… and that is to attend my upcoming LIVE Million Dollar Methods Business Building Training on Sept. 14th. 


You will see first hand exactly what I mean about attracting opportunity. 

I’m going to put you and your business in place it has never been before to accept and attract and profit from more opportunity than you have once thought possible.  Now this is not some hyped up concept or seminar with nothing concrete to take home, quite the contrary.   

It will be exciting and it will be full of tactical things that you will actually apply, change, modify to your business while you are in the room.  Never before have you attended something where live transformation of your business will take place. 

That is because this is not a teaching workshop as much as it is a live interactive training specifically dealing with the underlying foundation of your business, every single part of it, from price to new customers to how you sell to how you build relationships and even how you invest your time. 

If the saying work less and make more where ever true it will be on this day because I’m going to take your business at its very core and show you the formula for aligning every part of your business so it works together just like your body does when it is healthy in its prime and peak optimal condition. 

If you think of an Olympic athlete that is what your business needs to be to prosper and it deals with 12 individualized components or methods as I call them, and they must all be working together. 

I can state very confidently this – you have not attended any one single event designed to make more dramatic and immediate impact on your business, sustainable impact, that will last, than ever before.

Not only will this event BE the opportunity you have been looking for, it will include many more during your experience the day of the event. 

From the blueprints I will give you, from the people you will meet, and most importantly from the 12 methods I will walk you through and create into a formula for your business. 

I invite you, now, to go here and read about the event and register, regardless if you are on the West Coast, the East Coast, the Florida Coast, in England or Canada, this event will change the way you look at your business, the way you see opportunity, how you make money, and most importantly the ease at which your business will perform and operate from this point forward will never be the same. 

That is an opportunity, if I were you, that you should grab on to and hold on because its going to be the most fun ride you’ve had in your entrepreneurial life. 

And, I promise, for you, the best is yet to come. 

It begins again, with me on Sept. 14th…


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