How To ACTUALLY Manifest Money Into Your Life…In One Morning

How To ACTUALLY Manifest Money Into Your Life…In One Morning

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How To ACTUALLY Manifest Money Into Your Life…In One Morning

Jim Rohn who I would definitely say is the most influential business philosopher for me in my life on the personal development side had a program that was called “The Day That Turned Your Life Around”. 

And I never forgot that. 

I’d like to offer an experience, a shift in your behavior ever so subtle, yet so significant, that you can literally alter you’re your “luck” as it is called by creating and manifesting money literally overnight. 

It will take one morning to complete. 

I’m going to give you the steps to follow here, at least the 5 major secrets that others really won’t tell you.  It is not enough to just act and expect results, and it’s not enough just to hope or believe and get results either.  It is a combination of both. 

There are 5 specific strategies that I follow time and time again when I am 
–    In a rut or feel stuck 
–    Deal flow isn’t great 
–    Money pipeline is in a log jam 
–    Simply want to create more for some unexpected expense 
–    Or want more for something I desire, a toy, gift, event, vacation 
–    Ideas just aren’t coming 

Regardless of what it is I use these strategies every time to put momentum back in my favor and money flowing in my direction. 

The universe responds to these things… 

Wiping the slate clean and reprogramming 

Creating Money Attraction Attitude 

Adjustment of you Behavior to Abundance 

Removing of Barriers and opening of Money Channels 

Establishing your Miracle Money list and organizing it with the universe 

Detachment from all outcomes and letting go…this works AFTER you do all the others, don’t you see, the order and process matters… of course 

Now, I’ll breakdown each one and walk you through exactly how to do it. 

First: You must rid yourself of all preconceived feelings and negative attachments to money…and there is a particular exercise that I walk you through that will help to identify the core issue or issues of how you are repelling money in your life. 

You know what it’s like when you walk into a room and see someone you don’t really care to see…that’s how money feels about you right now.  You must change that by doing this.  First. 

Second: We will create your Need/Want list, and basically erase it and start over, right now, most likely you are acting, making money, doing anything really out of necessity and need, probably even desperation…you can’t do that and ever get ahead.  The universe will give exactly what you ask for and it listens and this is the most important part to two things 1) your behaviors and attitudes and 2) your subconscious mind…not what you speak or even write or tell others. 

This is actually a lot of fun because we get to go back to your big picture and what really motivate you and really excites you and then, pow, all of the sudden the universe gets excited with you and things start to happen. 

Third: Now we begin to move to tactical things to do.  I will give you my specific 6 daily behaviors that once you change you will never feel stressed about money or anything really ever again.  I mean as long as you keep doing them.  One is money in your pocket, two is price consciousness, three is what you focus on, four is priorities.  Five is what you see and experience and your environment.  Six is top secret and I’m not going to tell you here – it’s great, it’s the best, and it’s sooo much fun, and you’ll laugh, but it’s a real secret and the biggest one.   

Anyhow, these are very easy to do, you’ll see. 

Fourth: For your business.  The fun stuff, we will immediately establish you into a position of influence where money exist in your industry or your market with a three step approach from idea to market to money, I will give you an exact template to follow.  Next you will identify the missing opportunities or the gaps in your existing business and we will close them with processes changes that will then happen without you having to ever thing about them again.  Next I will reorganize how you make money so that you get to the big deals faster and we will remove any barriers in your way or in your prospects and customers way. 

There are more items to cover here as this is the alignment part where we make sure that money has clear paths to you. 

Finally…Fifth (and my favorite): We will construct a big crazy and exciting Money goal to achieve in 1 week, 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, and 1 year and we will create our top ten list of exactly how that money is going to come into your life. 

Then, we will take action on each item, literally, together we will take action on this Miracle Money List and then we will LET GO. 

That’s right the last and final step that’s part of entire experience is to completely detach from the outcome and of money being good or bad or winning or losing and it just being a reward for your energy and positive efforts.  The key words are energy and positive efforts.  Meaning more than thoughts…actions, still positive, and energy, not a specific physical act or idea. 

Okay, so, here’s the thing, I once led a private gathering of just a few individuals that I was paid well into the thousands of dollars per hour, my standard rate, to create for them a specific wealth/money momentum plan for their business. 

I took these 5 things I have shared with you today and assisted in executing them so they could experience the results instantaneously.  I’d like to teach you my system and model for doing this, if you care to learn. 

This is not something I usually do publicly, so it will be a small intimate group maybe 6 at most 10 people who want to do this.  You will invest an incredibly low amount for this, in addition to that I will place a 10x guarantee return on it in 30days.  If you simply follow my process and listen to me then you will experience it and then have it in your arsenal to repeat any time you want, just like me. 

If you are interested please reply back to this email and tell me why you want to learn this.  Let me know if you have any specific frustrations about money and I will be sure to help you with those as well. 

Now, listen, I’m here to tell you, until you have experienced what is truly possible and in your control I don’t expect you to believe me, you do have to have blind faith going on this one.  It will pay off, and in fact that is a lesson all by itself.  Lesson one, take a chance, let go, believe in the possible, and DO SOMETHING. 

This is always the single greatest roadblock in anyone’s life and it usually leads to a phenomenon of momentum coming your way and more money in days, weeks, months, than you have had in years.  Once you experience this and have this power and knowledge of specific tactics then you will instantly feel different and experience a different reality with money, opportunity, success, and overall happiness. 

Simply reply to this email if you are intrigued, interested, would like to participate, and we’ll dialogue and I’ll give you the specifics about it.  Be sure to include your frustrations, what intrigues you, etc. 

Thank you, 

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