Your Independence

Your Independence

July 3rd, 2013 // 3:04 pm @

Your Independence

Today, I bring you a little different perspective on Independence.  First of all, I want to as everyone does and should pay respects to our Country, the greatest country, where opportunity grows like wild flowers on an untouched hillside and happiness is available like water from a tap…the country where they say we are the land of the free and the home of the brave.  And I agree. 

From the garbage man to the heart surgeon to the teacher and the parents working at home, all enjoying the fruits of the labor of our great nation.  There are many songs paying tribute to those people who make our country great and our world go round. 

I’d like to make sure that you too are getting your due because it is in my opinion that it’s the entrepreneurial spirit that bests symbolizes the ingenuity of America.  Those that take the risks afforded to them to make greatness even greater/  Those that actually pursue the happiness and seek liberty from all that binds life, not just within their government. 

Go forth and prosper, be successful, fuel the economy and your own bank accounts, do go for others but for the love of god and nation do good for yourself, your family, your dreams and ambitions have right to soar and expand and be fulfilled. 

Happy 4th of July, celebrate it everyday with fireworks of money and fun and family.  To do otherwise is to squander the sacrifices of others and underappreciate the land we live in. 

Now, to your independence…from what art thou independent from?  That is the question that all business people should ask…surely you need new customers, need more money, need “what” to continue on. 

You’ll never be void of ‘need’ for something, even if you have enough money to support yourself, interest bearing investments or whatever else, you need those to perform, you need the government to keep the dollar valuable, and that’s why it’s so critical to figure out all the ways you can liberate yourself from needs and dependence on any-thing in your life. 

Rather than belabor you with the diatribe I’ll just give you the list… 

Liberate yourself from negative people, emotions, feelings, things that go against your goals and life philosophy. 

Liberate yourself from things you truly dislike doing, things that take away your energy, places you don’t want to be. 

Find your independence from income limitations by creating systems, leveraging your knowledge, breaking the dollars for hours link, find bigger opportunities. 

Find your independence from your own setbacks, your own thinking, your own past… 

It just so happens that I’m conducting our annual Entrepreneurial Independence Event next Friday and I’d like you to join either live and in person, worth the trip from anywhere in the country, or via video recording. 

I want to emphasize that it’s not enough to “be in business”; you have to be independent from your business and be in control of it, not it in control of you. 

Not making enough money is not being independent, not being productive daily is not being independent. 

Most people lie to themselves about how they feel about what, where, and how they are doing in their life, their business, with their families.  They make up stories to justify their existence of repetitive problems – don’t let this be you. 

Today, this year, 2013, for the Independence Day of America, I challenge you to celebrate by achieving your own independence and to take your liberation to all new levels, to understand and aspire to a higher degree of autonomy and independence. 

You are in control of your own life, your own destiny, your own business…you’re living in an independent world but that doesn’t make you independent, unless you choose to do what’s necessary to be. 

There is no greater feeling of empowerment than that of liberation from all things.  Of being truly independent.

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