QUITTING AND FAILING – The Business Difference

QUITTING AND FAILING – The Business Difference

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QUITTING AND FAILING – The Business Difference

Most people quit before they become successful.  Most people change horses in the middle of the race as the expression goes.  Most people don’t stick to something long enough to learn it and deserve the success they expect. 

Do you see where I am going with this.  Quitting can come in many different degrees, shapes, sizes, flavors – you don’t have to “give up” to quit, you can simply just not be taking something seriously, you can be sabotaging your success, you can be negative, you can have “bright shiny object syndrome” and on and on, all of these are types of quitting – not failing – quitting.  Failing is good, you must fail to succeed, in other words you must try and try and try in order to find out what works. 

We call it “testing” in marketing, not failing, testing. 

An artist paints something then steps back and looks at it, correct, modifies, adjusts and paints again.  Until they know their style, have a feel for what works, looks good, sells, and then they just churn it out, still looking up, but not slowing down.  Of course some artists quit by attempting to be perfect and always stuck on making it a little bit better instead of making it good enough to sell and then making the next one a little bit better. 

Again, perfection, a way of quitting, usually before you start. 

There are so many ways that Entrepreneurs shoot themselves in the foot when trying to run the race of business success.  Eventually they become frustrated wondering what’s wrong, why something won’t work, or they get demoralized with themselves, all roads lead to nowhere. 

That’s why the most important success principle is to be committed, focused, and determined to SELL, to always remember that it’s about the DOLLARS, let the money be the votes, let the customers cast them…course correct but that means you have to be ON A COURSE in order to do so. 

If you want to immediately discover more joy and happiness as an entrepreneur, be excited about bringing something to market and then seeing what the results are – don’t be scared or timid, be HUNGRY for RESULTS…nothing else, not emotional, just hungry and when you get results then you do something with them. 

My biggest fight with clients, and anyone really, when laying out a gameplan is that they are truly not committed to being successful, they want some immediate gratification and short term victory rather than a sustainable business.  I mean they want that, but their expectations are so far off alignment with what is required they never get anywhere. 

You don’t have to be this person, this type of entrepreneur.  You don’t have to be the frustrated…starving artist…because you know better and you have me, a team, a group of success minded entrepreneurs who can cheer you along, kick in you in the rear, pat you on the back, whatever it is you need…most important keep you committed to your purpose, to your outcome, being about something MORE than just pretending to be in business. 

Question – are you committed to making money, to creating profit, to living and surviving what an entrepreneur must do in order to get what you really want. 

Question – are you deserving what you expect because your actions and business model and plan add up to this – or are you just willy-nilly trying to do something playing business as the lottery rather than building something that will earn your wealth and income. 

Question – what is your desired outcome and what is your plan to get there…have both…and stay steadfast, course correct as needed as long as you are correcting based on results; not lack of commitment, lack of research, lack of effort, lack of anything substantial. 

What do they call that in court, insubstantial evidence, or insufficient, or lack of proof, my high level expert legal advisory Attorney Client Kathy Davis would know this answer and she is also a sharp entrepreneur who wants long term wealth not a quick fix band-aid income – when you go to court you can’t be lacking evidence you have to know your stuff. 

Do you?  Do you really work at your business, to you give your business a chance, your customers, your market to respond to you, or do you market with hope… 

I don’t mean to be tough, but I guess I do, that’s what I’m supposed to do, you have to put forth what is necessary to make money. 

Don’t quit. Fail but don’t quit.  Try for success.  Make something happen – Today.  YOU deserve success, just make sure that your actions deserve it also.

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