Achieving Multiplication – A ‘Real Business’ Sales System

Achieving Multiplication – A ‘Real Business’ Sales System

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Achieving Multiplication – A ‘Real Business’ Sales System
Simply put there are two parts to your business when it comes to marketing, selling, making money and taking care of customers.  There is the generic terms of the front end and the back end.  These are the only places where you perform marketing and money making strategies and it really is that specific and important for you to embrace this. 

The Front End we’ll call Lead Generation, or anything done to drive people into your funnel for marketing and into your sales process. 

The Back End is anything that happens after someone becomes a customer or goes through your sales process and for the time says no to what you are offering. 

When you break your business down into these 2 parts you are able to clearly and effectively look at and identify the gaps or holes in your business and the things you can do to make them better.  To make you more money. 

The reality is once you have an effective sales presentation or sales process your sole objective should be to get that in front of as many people as possible and to put them through your marketing funnel.  That is how you achieve leverage on the marketing front. 

This includes getting others to promote for you, creating a sales force of affiliates, doing joint ventures, showing up in other places with your target ideal market and customer to see you.  You need exposure.  Of course this is also talking about direct mail and other lead generation strategies.  Front end marketing campaigns that bring you prospects to take through your process. 

At the very least you should have a front end bait or attraction device that lets people get more information and moves them willingly into your sales process to be closed.  You would need follow-up emails and mailing campaigns for those who raise their hands and then say yes or no. 

Your ability and never ending quest for the most effective profit producing front end lead generation campaign is the difference from being able to “print money” and be sitting waiting, helpless, for whenever someone happens to find you and chooses to buy. 

You want the control of your business and the front end marketing is the only way to do it.  Cracking this code is what you must do. 

So many entrepreneurs get confused about the purpose of being in business, obviously it is to make money, or to make a profit more specifically.  However it is not about the product or service, once you invest and refine and have the most powerful presentation that you can rely on you must create ongoing opportunities to get in front of and attract more prospects to experience this effective and powerful presentation that closes the deal. 

Today, I thought I would break it down for you with exactly what you need.  This is what I do most of the time for clients who come to me to expand, grow, or start up a new business endeavor.  We figure out the front end.
It begins with your conversion piece, the thing that leads to the sales presentation.  As example if you have a webinar that is closing sales for you, you need a landing page for the webinar, set-up properly with the right environment, design, psychology to maximum on screen time and get people to stay.  You need an opt-in registration page.  This is usually put behind another page that is the bait, enticing email, name, contact capture page so that you can follow-up even if they don’t make the webinar live. 

From there you need bait that leads to the webinar that they will have that will sell them to be there, to stay there, to watch and to pre-frame them to purchase. 

Of course you need follow-up emails and mailings to get them to the event and for those who don’t show up and then for those who don’t buy. 

I have developed a very powerful and seamless system that maximizes all traffic and lead generation marketing around any type of event, tele-seminar, webinar, live event, or other immediate or impulse purchase process. 

This includes ,initial opt-in, bait, registration, follow-up material, referral requests, video on demand, timed webinar event, follow-up shock n awe package, email campaigns, direct mail conversion campaigns, and lastly the secret weapon of forced placed sales calls that are presented as strategy calls. 

And the ultimate upsell strategy that I’m not going to tell you about now that literally triples the average value of your customer, upfront.  We’ll save that for next week. 

The bottom line is, what I have described is just what goes around the “perfect presentation” whether live or online, in person or recorded, and that doesn’t begin to count the 23 different ways to drive people to your presentation and into the mouth of the entry point of your marketing funnel and conversion process.  Think about it like this, lead generation is everything you do to get people into your selling process, what I have described is everything that goes around your presentation to maximize your effectiveness and increase your sales. 

This system usually multiplies sales by 10x from just the show up and sell them mentality.  It is a business not a product or transaction or presentation, a business, wealth building system. 

And now let’s fill up the funnel with leads…and be in control of your income because you decide what you put in and this systems decides what you deposit in your bank.  I have created a process here for you to follow that does what every entrepreneur and business owner wants. 

I have turned your selling from an addition (add one more sales situation), to a multiplication situation.  Which would you rather have…multiplying your results for growth or just adding people up one at a time? 

This is ultimate leverage, the enviable position everyone wants to be in.  Next week we’ll discuss how to multiply by the biggest number possible with the ultimate lead generation matrix. 

Get to work on your selling machine and wealth generating system that we just built around your presentation and sales process.  Remember, we believe in building a business, not just selling something.  One breeds dependence and creates a cap on your income yielding a slave to the business.  The other independence, wealth, and total liberation as an entrepreneur.  Do what it takes to be successful long term, now, while your future is ahead of you…
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