Speed to the Money

Speed to the Money

June 26th, 2013 // 11:04 am @

Speed to the Money

I often tell my members when at workshops or mastermind meetings or other venues that they are just an order form away from making money.  That really is all that is missing from connecting the dots from idea to money. 

So many people think they have to go through some process of having everything in their head created, developed, organized, thought through, etc etc before they push the green button and go to market with their concept. 

This is simply not true and it is also the surest way to end up losing money, frustrated, struggling, and finding yourself in a desperate situation where you have to compromise your standards to get by.  This can be the biggest downfall of big companies and successful, wildy rich entrepreneurs when they have some success and then try to execute on a new idea where they spend way too much time and money trying to get it perfect before they are making a profit. 

The rule should be, speed to the money, idea to market, then let people vote with their dollars and refine your idea from there.  You can only truly test a concept, a business idea, a product or service by letting your prospects and customers decide. 

This is often the case with entrepreneurs who are struggling to get a business off the ground, they are making excuses of “getting things ready” and they always seem to be “almost” there…instead,  you should always be growing as you go, making  money to fund additional research and development and marketing. 

I have some suggestions on this and I have to tell you this is a critically important concept.  The greatest sales letter never written and especially never mailed, never makes you any money. 

Go for it – put your ideas out there – that is when you find breakthroughs, people who hit big don’t usually on their initial ideas, it’s after experimenting, selling, talking to customers, and pursuing various ideas that it results in that one that finally takes off, where everything just falls into place. 

Here’s my steps to make money from your ideas –

  • If you have a list, do a survey, plant the seed for your new product.
  • If you have a list, do a “preview” build it up like a product launch.
  • If you have a list, do a campaign and see what happens, send it out to the herd and let them vote, pay, give you feedback, before you do anything else with it.

The fastest way to do this is, write an email sales letter, set up a landing page, do a webinar or teleseminar or live event and pitch your concept, give it your best shot – 

Construct an order form…and see if anyone buys. 
Then gather feedback and go from there. 

If you don’t have a list and are still searching for those breakthroughs…that idea to make money with…then you should –

  • Look for someone else to give you a platform to test your idea.
  • Start with free information, build your list and craft your presentation from there.
  • Give away resources, piggy back on someone else’s event, media, offer.

You need exposure to see if your idea works. 

Here’s the thing, if you want to sell something you have to have someone to sell it to.  So, pick up the phone, go out on the street, find prospects and pitch.   

And remember this – an idea is not a business. 
You want a business; you have to develop reliable systems of marketing to prospects, selling customers, and keeping them.   

You need a foundation for this. 

This past Friday I conducted my most comprehensive marketing event ever, concise, but thorough for the foundations to building a money making platform and then 5 specific ways to generate money from your business platform all of which are separate from selling your product or service. 

It would easily be worth a minimum of $100,000, any one of the five, and anyone, even if you don’t have a single customer – can make it happen.  And if you do have customers, or already have a successful business you can easily 2 or 3 times that in your first year. 

These are formula’s to follow – to execute.

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