The 4 Biggest Things Holding You Back (read if you dare)

The 4 Biggest Things Holding You Back (read if you dare)

May 9th, 2013 // 11:37 am @

The 4 Biggest Things Holding You Back (read if you dare)

I originally titled this “4 things I don’t like about most people” because it’s true and these are the tell-tale signs of someone who will be destructive in your life and take away from you…I thought better of the title because actually it matters most what the implications will be for you personally when you adopt these…so while you could say that I’m using this week to vent a little bit, but I promise you’ll find it instructive…and you certainly will make more money if you embrace what I’m going to say to you today. 

ONE – they do what’s easy (or nothing at all) instead of what is the highest value, most productive, profitable, significant thing on their to do list, in their life, etc.  They avoid doing what really matters in their business that will lead to success for the long term, instead of what they have to continually replicate again and again, thus never making any progress. 

You would become so much more successful, less stressed, and much happier if you just focused on the top 1, 2 or 3 things every day that were truly most critical to your success, that would lead to the biggest breakthroughs the most opportunity the best chance, guarantee at growth.  Instead of what takes up your time, what is easiest for you to do, so you can pretend to have accomplished something today. 

It doesn’t matter what you get done or do, it matters what the magnitude of the result is… 

TWO – people displace responsibility…instead of taking ownership.  I often use the analogy of athletes, the most successful ones, they WANT THE BALL.  Michael Jordan won and lost the most games for his team because he wanted to take the final shot, he wanted to be the decision maker. 

People look for scapegoats, they hire, yes, even me, and think they are then entitled to success, to a business, to make all the money… newsflash: you hire people because they know more than you do, which then means that it is plain stupid to think they are going to make you all the money…nope – you have to earn the right to do that…by DOING SOMETHING, and leveraging the information. 

The most successful relationships I have and that I observe and follow work like a pitcher and a catcher, a successful unit, both accepting responsibility and working as a team. 

Here is the bottom line, Michael Jackson had it right – look in the mirror and start with you – as not what the world can do for you but what you can do for yourself to be more productive.  Its funny, in the client business we do so much for the client to then sit on the material and pretend like they need something else instead of just answering a few questions, and moving the process along – the reason is because they don’t want the buck, the ball, or the responsibility of having a business that actually grows and breaks through plateaus, they just want to “feel” like they do.  Its why we have to be so selective with our clients because we really do want to make them money and in turn ourselves, and most just aren’t serious or committed to doing what it takes to earn more money, to deserve more… 

You have to want the ball, and part of responsibility is following what I said in number one.  And leveraging people that know more than you do so you can then do more important and significant things…you are only as good as your own weakest link. 

THREE – look around you and you’ll find most people wasting away their days, their time, their life.  If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s people who WAIT for anything – why?  Really, you’re going to DIE waiting.  I just don’t understand.  Do it today, do it now, go on vacation this year, tell someone you love them before it doesn’t matter anymore – treat your customers like gold while they are still your customers…take advantage of opportunity before it laughs at you and goes somewhere it will be embraced. 

Successful people are action takers, decision makers, life appreciators.  You should have no tolerance for anything less.  Truly you need to remember why you are in business and it is NOT for the sake of it.  There has to be something more. 

I carry around a quote in my pocket full of cash that says “a man who dares waste an hour of time has not truly discovered the value of life” 

‘Nuff said. 

FOUR – and this is probably the biggest one…people accept, tolerate, allow themselves to live at the lowest common denominator in their life.  I could write a whole article on this and I probably will…it’s a simple concept really – look at your life, the places you go, the people you hang around, the activities you do and I can guarantee assure you that you will never break through plateaus that are above the lowest common denominator. 

That is why as soon as I discover someone is a lost cause or has a loser mentality I have to cut them off, no matter what.  You have to avoid, eliminate, etc anything that is beneath what you are trying to achieve, do, live for. 

I don’t tolerate smokers around me and someday when I have kids, no chance…I don’t but if I did have relatives who smoke I would buy them a “quit smoking” course if they want to be around my children. 

It’s why I don’t like being around alcohol in a social setting where the point or part of the point is drinking – I don’t believe in it, I have a brain and it was meant to be used at full capacity…I don’t like anything vulgar or demoralizing or demeaning – because as the great Zig Ziglar says ‘WHAT GOES IN IS WHAT COMES OUT’. 

I’m telling you right now whatever issue you have about this is your draw back and it is due to your own emotional issues – get over it and reach new levels of success, money, attraction of opportunity and healthy relationships. 

To be honest, I have learn most about this from my brother, his zero tolerance policy for stupidity regardless of how much money is at the end, because he knows and believes in the law of the lowest common denominator. 

Where ever, what ever, whom ever is the lowest in your life is holding you back…end of story, not arguable.   

It’s really just a matter of priority and your principles for all of the above. 

Now you see who these tie together… 

Focus on highest value. 
Accept and grab hold of responsibility. 
Value life, time, act fast and be a do-er. 
Accept nothing less than these 3 from everyone else around you…

If you do these 4 things and embrace them, I’m promising you, it is what’s holding you back, and you will see, feel, realize a dramatic difference in your life, income, business, relationships – overnight. 

These are the true test of champions…Zig said, “Fill your life and mind with the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful, and the positive” …and I add these 4 rules for guaranteed success and happiness. 

Until next time…your challenge is take action on these 4 things…check yourself and profit from it…eliminate the lowest common denominator in all areas of your life and enjoy the rewards that will instantaneously follow.

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