Part 1: The Ultimate Selling and Psychology Checklist

Part 1: The Ultimate Selling and Psychology Checklist

April 2nd, 2013 // 12:10 pm @

Part 1: The Ultimate Selling and Psychology Checklist

Last week we discussed ways to make more money that really focused on ‘what’ you were selling. Today is Part One of the “how to” of selling. What makes them say “YES”. We’ll start with the basics and next week get to the more advanced strategies. 

In the title I used the term ‘Checklist’ because that’s really how you should approach this subject. When you are making an offer, do you have each and EVERY item ‘checked off’. 

These work well alone but work even better together. Get creative as you apply each to your own business. 

1. The A / B (or C) Offer: This usually comes in the form of ‘basic’ and ‘premium’ but doesn’t have to. Here you want to make them decide “A” or “B” (or “C”); instead of simply “YES” or “NO”. This is why QVC offers 9 colors of measuring cups and NEVER has one option to choose from. Customers pick their color (or style) instead picking to order or not. 

2. Make it Free to Buy: This doesn’t mean it has a $0.00 price tag. This means that the purchase PAYS FOR ITSELF. It’s easily applied to a high-efficiency furnace, or reusable water jug; but don’t count your business out. Every business can show how ‘this purchase’ is free (or at least highly discounted). Compare time saved, money spent, replacement costs, vacation days. Anything that you can give a dollar amount; factor into your customers savings. 

3. Add Social Pressure: This combines copy, testimonials, pictures, social media, and any other proof you’ve got. Your goal is to make the customer believe they are the only ones who haven’t bought this. No one wants to be left out and out-of-touch. Make them feel like once they purchase, they’ll be in the ‘inner circle’. If you are selling a private or exclusive item – the same theory applies but reverse (they’ll be unique, starting a trend). 

4. Eliminate All Risk: This becomes more important every passing day. People are losing trust and rightfully so. You have to assume all risk in the purchase. Use trial periods, full refunds, warranties, guarantees, and insurance – all to create reassurance for the buyer. This reminds me of the Australia Dream’s “empty bottle guarantee” where you can send back an empty container and still get a full refund.

These are just 4 of the basic strategies. Next week, in Part Two, I provide you with the more advanced techniques that are sure boost your selling power.

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