7 Quick-Fire Strategies to Make More Money NOW

7 Quick-Fire Strategies to Make More Money NOW

March 27th, 2013 // 12:14 pm @

7 Quick-Fire Strategies to Make More Money NOW

As promised I am about to deliver to you 7 strategies to make more money…immediately. This continues my series of ACTION LISTS for you to generate quick results. There is no guess work here, just hard hitting strategies to implement and make you more money. 

Last week I gave you a comprehensive list of referral strategies and systems that you should have in your arsenal and as part of your new customer strategy at every major point in your business. 

Now…here’s 7 down and dirty fast to get results ways to add money to your bottom line now. 

1. Offer an upsell. Whatever you are selling now, however your transactions are structure make sure you are offering an upsell after purchase to your customers. Once they say yes to one thing, they’ll say it again to something else. 

2. Add additional payments. One of the fastest ways to increase your prices is to add payments. If you only ask for one payment now, raise your price and ask for two payments. If they paid the amount once they will pay it twice. This is easy money and adds no work to your sales process. 

3. Create a premium version or a bundle of everything you offer. Some call it the “whole enchilada” or the complete package, whatever it is, just sell them everything at once. No one will buy what you don’t offer for sale, offer it, someone will buy it. 

4. Fast Start or Introductory Program. This is an interesting one that most won’t realize exists in their business until someone shows them. Think of it this way what are the 3-6 things that each of your new customers would like to know or need to know; or would just make them better customers for you? Package this up as a starter item include in it the sale or upsell but people will buy it because it just makes sense, and actually you probably need it anyway to do your customer the best service. 

5. Sell education: instructional calls, workshops, and events. This is similar to number 4 but just more related to education or ongoing seminars or workshops. The reality is you can’t overfeed your buyer if they are the best customers and one that is really into your business products and services. Sell other ways for them to learn more. This is one of the fastest ways to generate revenue, to put on an event, or to sell to your existing customers something new. 

6. Private…anything…concierge membership…high end. This is somewhat self explanatory, but I will use the example of a fitness center. They sell membership, they sell products, they sell additional workshops and classes, they sell premium memberships, they sell upsells, they do all of this but they also offer PRIVATE Training, they offer a one-on-one version of everything else. This could be you, whether someone goes out to install whatever it is you sell or someone is dedicated as ‘The Concierge’ there is always room for something more individualized or custom in your business. 

7. Coaching / Consulting. Sell your customers coaching on anything really, but certainly on your niche or subculture or whatever category you sell or provide. Everyone likes a leader and wants one actually. You can do group or individual, term or ongoing, or just as an upsell or starter package. Sell your information and knowledge, sell your time and leverage, don’t just sell your products and services. 

Consulting is another, entirely different ball game, and my favorite. I’m well known for putting people in the consulting business and helping them find hidden, bigger money within their customer base and industry by adding consulting as a key revenue growth strategy. It also brings about many opportunities that you would not otherwise have cultivated. 

More on that another time. 

Next week I’ll bring you a list of things I’ve never shared before. The ultimate customer selling and psychology list…why they buy, and how to get them to buy more from you. 

It’s advanced…and may very well offend you, it’s definitely going to make you laugh out loud at the sales training that you’ve followed up to this point. What I will share with you will cover all medias, face to face, seminar, and online selling – in general – my list will help you everywhere you ask for money. 

Now, go out and implement some of these immediate money strategies…

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