Cupid is here…

Cupid is here…

February 13th, 2013 // 12:18 pm @

Cupid is here…

Okay, so, confession time. I’m not much for Valentine’s Day, don’t like it, in concept. I celebrate and I do enjoy “being romantic” I just think it is silly to base one day a year around actually expressing affection and illustrating love to someone you care deeply for. I don’t like the idea of going out of your way because the calendar dictates it. Buying a gift, same reason. 

Anyhow, I’m as much a capitalist as they get, so I love the commercial aspect of it and I follow suit. I just think it’s important that you stop waiting to be told what to do by others. I think you should act bold, genuine, and authentic all the time – live that way. 

The one thing about Valentine’s day I remember off of a TV show was that they said this is the day that you let go of all your fears and you just do whatever is in your heart. And there again, nuff said, stupid way to live…one day a year. 

My question to you is this – 

Why are you waiting??? For anything??? 

Yes Cupid is here and he has arrows that can be shot at any target you want, anything you are trying to hit, and they’ll work, if you’re trying to influence an outcome, a goal, a person, anything – if you play cupid you’ll have the power – but that’s just it, you have to be your own cupid! 

Look, use what you’ve got, the calendar has given you this holiday; you should exploit it, get your customers on board, and certainly go out of your way to let your customers know how much you mean to them and use it as an excuse to get referrals, etc. 

Plus, you should try to maximize the opportunity by sharing with those close to you how you feel about them – go all out – and then after today, don’t stop expressing yourself daily, doing some-thing loving, daily. 

Holidays are great times to remember those forgotten, you just shouldn’t need them to remember the ones you live with. 

Every month there is a reason built into the calendar, some times more than one reason, that you can go above and beyond in your marketing, you can reach into the prospects and customers minds and enter the conversation they are having, the world is having with them, that society is influencing them under it’s spell. Take advantage of it. Don’t squander opportunity, ever, especially when it’s pre-scheduled all year long, in advance, just for you. 

Tomorrow, go out, have some fun, doing something spontaneous and make up for lost ground in the affection and love areas of your life, then keep that up. Same with your customers and your marketing efforts, don’t just work when your desperate and hungry; work daily with means and purpose, and remember this, no matter how special you make Valentine’s day it won’t help those customers already lost or people in your life already slighted because of lack of effort or attention the rest of the time. 

Holiday’s give you themes to have fun…do that in your life and your business. And remember you have the arrows you just have to shoot them.

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