Marketing on a Schedule

Marketing on a Schedule

January 30th, 2013 // 1:43 pm @

Marketing on a Schedule

As the month comes to an end and we are knee deep in the “new” year, my suggestion is you take a look at everything that has been executed to date, everything you have in motion, and everything you have planned since January 1st. 

They say a “goal without a plan is just a dream” and everyone should dream, it’s important, but only action towards the dream will make you money. You do have to plan your success, your progress, your results. 

I often use an exercise I call reverse engineering with my members and clients where we take the revenue projection or goal for the year and then break it down backwards to allocate the revenue to specific actions and strategies and initiatives by week, month, quarter, and by sales categories and then do the math…and let all the numbers add up. 

Business is all psychology and math…selling and numbers. Therefore there is no magical method of creating an end result number without it actually adding up from things you do. This is an important reality that many keep spinning their wheels wondering why they don’t ever have any breaks or times when their money starts mounting up, their efforts start compounding. 

This all changes when you make concerted efforts, meaning things working with one another, all in cooperation, you begin to build momentum and create structured growth and success. 

To make this happen, and to clarify exactly what you have to do, we call it marketing on a schedule, meaning that you have a schedule, a calendar, where you are organizing your business money-making components with a clearly defined plan that is time bound and works in collaboration with everything else. 

One of the most valuable advantages our clients get from working with us is an organized approach to the global view of their business, tying everything together makes all the whole worth more than all the disjointed pieces both figuratively and literally in terms of bottom line results. 

So, things you should know and schedule: 

Exactly what marketing strategies you are employing this month, how many leads you expect from them, and your conversion strategies with projected results. 

You should know what strategies you have in place for getting referrals, for upselling clients, for keeping clients, for running additional promotions, etc. 

You want to have scheduled all of your follow-up marketing, your new customer experiences, your sales events where you attempt to convert leads to customers who didn’t buy immediately. 

The beauty of this is most all of it can be automated leaving you only with new initiatives to focus on and that is where you get the compounding effects of your efforts. Break throughs happen when you assign a dollar value, a sales goal, to each and every action you are taking or your marketing is making in your business each month. 

Here’s the reality: living, running your business on a schedule actually allows for more spontaneity and creativity than doing otherwise because you don’t have to constantly be remembering everything or checking everything or wondering what should happen or what you forgot. 

Marketing on a schedule will bring stability to your business and when the math adds up so does the money, so go to work today before the month is out and create your marketing on a schedule outline for the rest of the year and reverse engineer your revenue to know that your math problem has the solution at the end of the year that you want.

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