I Put My Cape On in Vegas!

I Put My Cape On in Vegas!

October 27th, 2011 // 8:44 pm @

I Put My Cape On in Vegas!

Sunday morning after walking off the airplane in Charleston, from a red-eye flight from Vegas through DC, I had about 50 minutes to get to the hotel, shower, and into the meeting room where I was conducting an all day workshop on “Information Marketing Business Blueprint”.

I made it with time to spare.

Someone asked me how I was feeling… referring to the flight, not the smoke-induced Las Vegas allergy throat and sinus disease like affects I seem to get every time I go (still love that city!).

I replied to them sort of without thinking about it…

“I feel like I just walked out of a phone booth!”
This person, knowing me, knew exactly what I meant… SuperMan!

And while my jacket looks a little like a cape, just doesn’t do it justice.

In all seriousness, I had no choice but to feel great, owed it to the people in the room. I was doubtful, I must admit, I’d felt terrible while in Vegas 2 of the last 3 days… yet made the most of it. Because, I guess, that’s about the only choice I had.

We often talk, right here, each week about the importance of confidence, which is really what it comes down to. Your ability to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, try new things, move into and in front of uncomfortable circumstances, and those are what builds your confidence. Realizing you don’t die after trying new things, after challenging yourself.

So even if I hadn’t felt great when I woke up on the airplane I had better start pretending…

My point in a minute, and it’s a great tie into Las Vegas, which I really do enjoy, and especially this time around, I had my father/son duo clients (who rank right up there with Santa Claus in terms of my enjoyment when hanging around them…always fun) and one of my top level key guys who really is my go-to partner in crime with many projects.

While we were in Vegas we saw a couple shows and ate at my favorite dessert restaurant every night.

The thing is, you just can’t help but feel like SuperMan while you’re inVegas. Everything is so BIG and BRIGHT and AWESOME, it’s all larger than life – which is what you have to be, if you want to make larger than life things happen.

I walked off an airplane into a room and for two days gave my attendees everything I had, blew up their businesses and built better ones and then politely asked them my favorite question… “If I’ve given you this much information, these many strategies, helped you in ways that you’ve have just expressed to me… if I’ve done all of that, for free (in this case, they were part of a Conference, so they did not pay me directly), just imagine what I will do for you when you pay me to work, think, and build your business”

They responded in kind at the end of the two days with it being worth just a tick over $1000 per hour of my face time with them… 2 days, pretty good average, considering that every relationship has just begun, not just ended, if you know what I mean.

Now, I don’t know about you, but, I’d be damn certain that if I walked into that room feeling like a loser, feeling sick, feeling weak, tired, and anything but SuperMan – it would have been hard for the meter to be running at $16/minute.

This is actually why I like to travel, go to nice restaurants, do fun things, and SPEND money – because it reinforces the SuperMan affect. When you value yourself, treat yourself, and take care of yourself, the universe (or whatever you want to call it) will take care of you with opportunity.

So, question number one, what is YOUR phone booth. What are the things in your life that you do to reinforce your own confidence, to broaden your thinking, to pump you up. What are the experiences, the thoughts, the places, the activities, the books, the food, the rituals, and on and on, that YOU personally have in your arsenal ready to pull out, that act as your SuperMan suit.

…that act as your own phone booth.

I’ve got a list of them…
If you’re curious enough, or if enough of you are curious, I’ll share them with you. Sometime. Who knows, I would even consider hosting a little event or workshop on this very topic, because it is my favorite and it’s led me, almost single-handedly to my most major breakthroughs.

Every day you wake up, someone, something, somewhere there are things going to try to derail your agenda, squash your goals, shatter your dreams, disrupt your momentum, and flat out cause you problems –

The world is your kryptonite, full of it in every way.
Negative thinking, negative people, negative things.

You don’t help matters when you settle for things, accept what you should not tolerate, lower your expectations in yourself, with others.

You must know this simple truth, people would prefer for you to be less successful and/or fail, rather than see you succeed and themselves then have to feel miserable about their pathetic lives and lack of ambition.

That’s just the truth folks.
So, you’ve got to be fighting those battles every day.
You’ve got to put on your cape.
You’ve got to have that secret phone booth, ready at any moment, to run into, and walk out of, changed, ready, confident, focused, and determined to make things happen.

You have the power to overcome everything.

In many ways, every week I give you a Cape to put on. With every message, strategies, beliefs, and philosophies to be and become your own Superman.

I’d like for you, today, right now, make a list of all the places you can go, all the things you can do, all the ways you can think of, that act as your phone booth, where you can slip on your cape and come out ready to take on the world.

Besides, there’s no money in being ordinary.
The best way to have everything you want in life, is to be your own Superhero, that way you don’t have to wait around hoping for someone else to save the day.

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