You ARE Repelling Money!

You ARE Repelling Money!

September 29th, 2010 // 1:38 pm @

You ARE Repelling Money!

We had a wonderfully productive Mastermind Session last Friday and during our Afternoon Group we dove head first into an in-depth discussion about Money, Wealth, Mindset, Prosperity, and all of the above.

So often we don’t just talk about marketing, in this case, all the marketing in the world won’t make you rich if you are pushing away all the opportunities, riches, and success that effective marketing brings You.  Truly there’s a universe factor out there, what you don’t accept, embrace, appreciate, and knowingly, willingly, honestly feel deserving of, You won’t be allowed to keep it very long.

There are many things You do that will repel money, too many to list here.

But the most common mistakes I see people make go something like this:

  • Feel as if they do not deserve it, because of childhood, past mistakes, etc
  • Are envious, resentful, and negative to those who have found ways to be successful
  • Think that work and money are not linked, they try to get something for nothing
  • Acting as though they don’t want money, like money, care about money

The biggest one of them all that I think people make who are trying to make their break as successful entrepreneurs is that they follow the wrong numbers… they pay attention to all the things that lead to failure, instead of success.

As example:

  • They try to work as little as possible
  • They try to have the least amount of responsibility as possible
  • They try to spend the smallest amount of money as possible
  • They try to think, risk, and challenge themselves as infrequently as possible

Here’s a revolutionary idea for You, if you want to make more money, invest more of everything You’ve got: time, energy, resources, thought, effort, money, EVERYTHING on CREATING MORE MONEY, discovering more opportunity, finding new income, customers, and breakthroughs.

Sure you have to control expenses in your business and life, but show me a person who is always watching the expense column and I’ll show you a person who is drowning for lack of oxygen (or money). You know what you attract, think about, work on, you get more of.  Successful Entrepreneurs always look at getting a bigger piece of the pie, or finding a bigger pie, never eating smaller bites so their piece last longer…

Just know this, we are all repelling money in some ways, all the time.  As long as you are conscious of it and focusing on the right, positive, profitable things and minimizing and working to eliminate the ways You are repelling money, You will create more prosperity.

Here’s one for starters, that You must believe and embrace, contrary to what You’ve heard before…

MONEY DOES GROW ON TREES and the world is our forest.  Stop looking on the ground for dollars that are falling and look up, trees with money, life with opportunity is all around You.  Go pick out the biggest one and start climbing, besides the view really is so much better from on top.

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