The Almighty Order Form

The Almighty Order Form

September 22nd, 2010 // 1:14 pm @

The Almighty Order Form

I have a saying that I often tell my coaching members when discussing new ideas and strategies to execute…”most ideas are simply an order form away.” While this might be pretty self-explanatory and even seem simplistic… it’s not.

In fact, quite the opposite.  Most people make “getting to the money” and execution far too complicated a matter. Truly, ideas are judged by the marketplace and the only way to let them vote is to put the offer in front of them.

By “order form” I’m referring to ANY offer presentation to your customers, prospects, clients, etc. Could be an email.  Letter.  One-on-One pitch.  Sales Presentation.  Or literally a piece of paper or an online Order Form.

When people get an idea they often first think of all the reasons it won’t work, all the things they have to do, all the problems that could occur.  Accurate Thinking as Dan Kennedy constantly reminds us about is critical, but he didn’t say “make a list of all the excuses why You can’t accomplish something, before you even start” Of course you know, that’s the one sure way You WILL NOT get it accomplished, ever.

Being unattached, unemotional, and unafraid of the results is important if you are going to start getting more done.  Now, that doesn’t mean you don’t take every action seriously and I can assure You when I have a launch or a mail piece that doesn’t go well, I’m angry, grumpy, pissed off, and everybody around me knows it… but that possibility or result does not deter me from hurrying up another chance into the market place.

Think about Professional Athletes, every day they deal with let downs, failures, mistakes.

Take our Indianapolis Colts for example.  Embarrassing performance on opening day…and it’s a big deal, they only get 16 of those chances each year.  But, if you watched, and noticed the best play of the game happened with Peyton’s final pass for the Touchdown to, I think, Austin Collie, who happened to also be the one who fumbled a key pass just a serious or two earlier.

Point is You can’t stop passing the ball or playing the game because You don’t always get the results you want.  You have to be focused on the getting of results, not just the thinking of ideas. Your attitude about this is very important.  Be hungry for results, be anxious for the market to decide about your ideas, you have to want to be out there on the field.  And always be ready with the next play.

Attitude coupled with Action is the one-two punch for success.

The attitude that You will MAKE IT HAPPEN

And the Action to PUT IT INTO MOTION

So, next time You come across new strategies and ideas, remember, the bridge between Ideas and Money is so often, just, an Order form. People who I work with and those that I study, follow, and see their successes, have lots in common, and this is one of the big ones.  SPEED TO THE MARKETPLACE!

Make a commitment today to push more order forms off the cliff.  After all, that’s how the moneys made.

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