How to Make Everyday “Your” Birthday!

How to Make Everyday “Your” Birthday!

December 17th, 2008 // 10:47 am @

How to Make Everyday “Your” Birthday!

As I sit here typing to you today, a quote kept popping in my head from Jim Rohn and it helped tie together some important thoughts, perhaps you can benefit from everyday, and especially in this Holiday Season.

Jim Rohn’s quote went something like this:

Someone asked him, “why are you always in a hurry?”

He responded… “my friend, if you were going where I’m going, you’d be in a hurry too!”

Someone asked him, “why are you always so upbeat and positive…”

He responded… “if you were doing what I’m doing you couldn’t help but be that way too!”

Gosh…I just love those quotes – of course, for me – just as Mr. Rohn said, I can say too – how about You?

Here’s what I’m thinking about today…Celebrating! Of course that’s not much different from everyday, because I always find reasons to be celebrating, sometimes I keep it to myself, but it’s always there.

It’s sort of like having a Birthday everyday, for those of you who still don’t mind the though J

Let me try to explain it in a few sentences…what I mean by ‘celebrating everyday’!

  1. Wake up with a purpose
  2. Enjoy what you do
  3. Always be working towards something ‘big’ that motivates You
  4. Add lots of little ‘pleasantries’ to your day and life, things that make you smile
  5. Have time for yourself, even if it’s a few minutes, just to unwind
  6. Do something you enjoy, thoroughly enjoy, each and every day
  7. Talk to those you love
  8. Surround yourself with success
  9. Plan and work towards rewards that excite you
  10. Be happy with ‘You’

And yes, I mean everyday…I’m a creature of habit, so it’s easy – honestly 24 hours is a whole lot of time if you live each minute of it.

Little pleasantries, like a latte, or a kiss, a computer card game, or a good book.

Things you enjoy, like ‘a’ TV show, sports, news, a walk, whatever

I surround myself with pictures, books, people, information, money…

Everyday, all day long that reinforce my goals and objectives and remind me of


Thing about Jim Rohn’s quotes and get fired up about Your life, Your business, Your goals and dreams, Your ambitions and Your future!

Well, I’m off to celebrate some more – today just a little bit more than others.

If you know how to work and what to work on…you’ll find plenty of time for the ‘niceties’ of life.

So go out and make everyday ‘Your’ Birthday! Life’s not worth living without a little celebration, if you ask me, you deserve it – plus it’ll make you more productive, happier, healthier, and that leads to more focus, intensity, ambition, and put that together with a place to get the most effective marketing and money-making information and proven business strategies…

You’re destined for success beyond what even you can imagine.

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