What are you up to?

What are you up to?

November 19th, 2008 // 10:34 am @

What are you up to?

6 weeks to go in 2008 and 6 important activities You can profit from doing right now!

Well, there’s still plenty of time to speed up on our goals for 2008 and still over 1/12 of your year left, you should make the most of it…however, as I’m preparing for our November GKIC Indy Chapter Meeting this Friday, we’re looking at Business Re-Invention and in doing so, we’ll be setting up Profit and Action Plans for 2009.

I thought I’d share with You 6 activities I’m working through within my own life and business as I look toward 2009. Zig Ziglar had a couple sayings that hit home right about now, “You get what you inspect” and “How can You hit a target you do not have”.

So, I’m busy setting up targets for 2009 – now. And, inspecting what’s been going on in 2008 and what’s got to go for 2009.We’ll have more to discuss closer to the New Year and at our very special December Edition of our GKIC Indy Chapter Meeting.

For now here’s how to get ahead, finish 2008 strong, and start fast working on your goals for the New Year. Of course the best thing you can do for yourself and your business is get to our Chapter Meeting, click herewww.NoBSIndy.com/ChapterMeeting

Successful Planning for 2009, Six Weeks – Six Profit Activities

1. Assess your performance and results.

Take a hard look at where you are and where you wanted to be, then reflect on your results good, bad, or indifferent. Look at the numbers. Make a list of all the things that went well, accomplishments big and small.

2. Steps to improve and pats on the back.

First pat yourself on the back for surviving another year of being in the trenches as an Entrepreneur / Business Owner and the progress and accomplishments you’ve achieved. Then make a list of specific things you can improve in your business that in hindsight could have made an impact in your results.

3. Analyze what to eliminate and change.

This won’t be the last time you hear this one, it’s important. Write out all the things that stood in your way, obstacles you encountered, and energy/time/money drains. Then strategize actions to eliminate these.

4. Look for opportunities & make a List of what’s next.

Major profit and wealth building is found right here in number four. It’s all about ensuring growth year to year, and the important philosophy and modus operandi of the Ultra Successful Entrepreneurs – Your Business Should Always Be Changing – and you should always be on the look out for opportunities to take advantage of with your business and developing “what’s next”!

5. Re-Invent Your Business & Reverse Engineer Your Goals.

I’ll save this one because it’s one of the significant themes of this months Chapter Meeting…you’ve got to be there, click here at www.NoBSIndy.com/ChapterMeeting there’s still time to save your seat. Business Re-Invention is where the Big Money is!There is Hidden Money around You and I’m going to help you find it. Finally, most all Entrepreneurs try to achieve their goals by chance…gradually…luckily. Sustained Success in all cases, especially financially is strategically planned and this is why it’s important to Plan your New Year, before it happens, reverse engineer your success for 2009.

6. Planning for your first 90 days – Outline Your Marketing Calendar.

I guess this ones fairly self explanatory. So get to it J

Here’s the point…

I’m sure you’ll agree, that from time to time it’s hard to stay upbeat and yes, it’s certainly hard to stay focused on the Productively Profitable Activities that you should be doing in your business everyday, which is why it’s so important to be connected to our secret society of like-minded Entrepreneurs and the Success Environment we bring to you each and every month with our GKIC Indy Chapter Meetings.

Just last week I was reminded of the endless opportunity and success that is still all around us – without a doubt, times are tough, economic woes still to come, but the sky isn’t falling (yet) and Entrepreneurs aren’t dying off from some Recessionary Illness or Epidemic…Quite The Contrary!!!

Case in point; At our All Day Special Mastermind Session last week with most of all 3 of our Mastermind/Study Group Members were in attendance, I couldn’t help but notice the level of insight, the advance thinking, the larger numbers, more complicated marketing, and all around Success that many of the Members are having.

Coming back from the Info-Summit where literally the best of the best, the most successful Entrepreneurs in the world gather, it’s easy to ‘feel’ the success possibilities around you – but I couldn’t have been more proud to be standing in a room with our very own GKIC Indy Mastermind Groups feeling the same way, just last Friday.

Publically I’d like to say “Great Job – Congratulations – and Keep Up The Good Work…onward and upward in 2009” to all our Mastermind Members.

Of course you can meet many of them, talk, network, share ideas, etc at the November Chapter Meeting this Friday and again in December for a very special Christmas Edition.

Dan Kennedy says, Success Leaves Clues…they’re all around You. I’ve given you 6 steps to more success in 2009 right here in this Ezine…more clues to come this Friday

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