The Gateway to Riches…

The Gateway to Riches…

November 11th, 2008 // 10:30 am @

The Gateway to Riches…

St. Louis, themed, the “gateway to the west” was transformed into an “Information-Super Highway” this past weekend at the Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle Annual Information Marketing Summit.

And it was – c r a z y ! Non-stop great ideas and ‘exactly how-to do it’ strategies and new technologies and the most evolved business models leading to the big bucks, fast, they had it all, and as always, Dan and Bill put on a first class, fun, show for the Entrepreneur.

We has over a dozen of our Indiana Members on board, and some of our top Mastermind Members and Private Clients all in attendance…you’ll hear first hand some of their big breakthroughs and about their experience at the “Place for Prosperity” at this months Chapter Meeting.

When you click this link below, you’ll see a couple pictures from the Info-Summit, including one with the Man himself, Dan Kennedy. Plus, if you missed it last weekend, you’ll want to check out my exclusive video with Bill Glazer and hear the message he’s got for You.

Well, that’s about all for this week. I know I don’t have to tell you the importance of continuing education, investing in yourself and that lifting yourself up to higher levels in life, business, and financially, can only be achieved by surrounding yourself with others going the same direction you are.

A little advance notification, mark you’re calendars for April 30 through May 3, when the GKIC Marketing and Money Making Super Conference will be held in Chicago! You can’t beat that – this is a don’t miss event of a lifetime, where business are transformed and lives are changed. You’ll be hearing about it soon, for now, just mark your calendar and reserve the dates.

Okay, I’m busy preparing for a full day Mastermind Event this Friday, so instead of more from me, I thought I’d share with you another one of Dan’s articles, “Why People Fail” You’ll see it below.

But first, click this link below and check our Team Indy, representing at the Info-Summit in St. Louis. And be sure you’ve registered for next weeks Chapter Meeting, seats going fast…plus, we’ll be sharing with you the biggest ideas from the Info-Summit and what they could mean to your business.

In fact, in just the first hour of the first morning, Dan and Bill talked specifically about how to prosper in this new economy, and specifically how to resonate with your customers, continue to grow, build relationship, and why now is the ideal time to be an entrepreneur…

You’ll hear it all, next Friday, and our main topic of “Business Re-invention” where your eyes will be wide open to bigger opportunities and you’ll be excited about the “found” money in your business.

See you in 10 days, click here for pictures from the Info-Summit and to see me and Bill Glazer live!

Scott J Manning, MBA

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