Joe the Plumber, Spreading the Wealth, and You!

Joe the Plumber, Spreading the Wealth, and You!

October 22nd, 2008 // 10:25 am @

Joe the Plumber, Spreading the Wealth, and You!

Greetings and disclaimer: The purpose of what you’re about to read is for information and thought provocation – not political commentary or intended to influence you whatever your views may be.

I’m speaking to you from a standpoint of Entrepreneurship and Wealth Creation, how that impacts your political and philosophical views is Your choice and outside my realm of influence in your life.


Back to the main story!

It’s the American Dream Baby! We’ve all got a “Joe The Plumber” living inside of us somewhere. You’re living proof. What Joe stands for is the “butcher, baker, candlestick maker” Main Street Entrepreneur who strives to take control over his life and his family’s financial independence.

After all, American was founded on Capitalism and the free market economy, giving Joe the right to pursue whatever he wants, generally, however he wants.

In our local Chapter Group right now, we have people running large companies and people working jobs and building businesses on the side, we have people running family own businesses and home based businesses. We’re all Entrepreneurs and working to create, key word, create, our future and our lifestyle.

And what Joe The Plumber should represent to all of us is the dream You’re now living and creating for yourself – once upon a time – you had no clue, no idea, of what creating your own income was like…some in our group are still figuring it out…point is we and every other American should understand where Joe is coming from, how he’s feeling and be astute enough to understand the consequences of “shackles and chains” on the ambitions on the American People.

As for “spreading the wealth around”, I’ll make two points and leave this obviously ignorant statement to die.

First, anyone who honestly believes that the work and money they earn should be shared with those who, out of shear self-choice, have less – is not going to have anything to share.

Second, with basically no exception, THOSE WHO HAVE THE MOST, GIVE THE MOST, SHARE THE MOST, and DO THE MOST GOOD, in all ways for all people.

That’s the premise of the Free Market Place and Capitalism. You can’t force “giving” like Robin Hood and get away with it (or sustain it), at least in real life – because it goes against the “laws of attraction”. Because money always goes where it’s deserved!

So what does all this mean to You.


Presidential Race, Election Year, Down Economy, all aside…

As an Entrepreneur You face many threats everyday. I remember hearing Dan Kennedy once say, “waking up an Entrepreneur and going out into the world where they eat their young everyday”.

It’s a war out there – and as I shared with members of my three Mastermind Groups, you have to create and protect Wealth and your business.

You will face erosion of wealth and opportunity if you don’t fight against these issues. It’d be like not continuing to acquire new customers, month after month, eventually with no new customers, you run out all together.

Bottom line, ask yourself “what am I doing to offset and counter the trends in our world today” “what am I doing to fight against the attack on my business” “what am I doing to proactively and aggressively continue to create and protect my wealth”

You’ve worked too hard to sit idly by…

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