A Double Dose of Medicine for your Money – Making Mo Jo

A Double Dose of Medicine for your Money – Making Mo Jo

October 23rd, 2008 // 10:28 am @

A Double Dose of Medicine for your Money – Making Mo Jo

Today – Two Parts, A Double Dose Of

Medicine For Your Money-Making Mo Jo

(Read This Important Ezine Completely, No Sugar Added, But It’s Just What The Doctor Ordered To Keep Your Business Healthy Through The Winter and Uncertain Times)

Part 1: Wealth Attraction, continued…

Below you’ll find a quick recap from our October GKIC Indy Chapter Meeting, which completely ‘sold’ out…in fact we’ve already begun registration for November because quite literally Musical Chairs would’ve been the only way You could’ve got a seat, if you were lucky, because there were not any left. This is a lesson unto itself, which you can benefit from…

Let me explain.

As you probably remember part of our Halloween Chapter Meeting was talking about Wealth Attraction in a time when some are struggling, others are rich with Opportunity – what gives?

We addressed this impart with reviewing Dan Kennedy’s 3 Wealth Magnets.

1. Be Somebody

2. Be Somewhere

3. Do Something

You had to be there to understand – then we discussed 3 major forces that drive wealth and opportunity creation in Your life.

1. Beliefs

2. Environment

3. Actions/Behaviors

At one time, the “Secret” was all the rage, and as Dan Kennedy clearly points out in the DVD “The Phenomenon” and in his Renegade Millionaire Magazine, the law of attraction is anything but new. However, what the “Secret” leaves out is real

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