Make it Personal

Make it Personal

September 10th, 2008 // 1:47 pm @

Make it Personal

After both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions one strategy resonated with me that all entrepreneurs should be applying. No, I am not talking about slandering your competitors. If you watched the candidates’ speeches you heard them all doing the same thing – telling their story.

If you aren’t already using your personal story in your business you are making a big mistake. Stories allow people to connect you, relate with you, and trust you. Sarah Palin told the story of how she started in the PTA at her children’s school. Most mothers in the country and every PTA member can relate with that story. Your job is to do the same with your audience.

Every chance I get I tell the story of how I became involved with Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. In fact, most of you have heard my personal story. It started with my martial arts schools and I was looking for answers on how to be more successful. After traveling cross country to a boot camp in Denver, I found out the martial arts guru was actually a student of Dan Kennedy. After devouring the Dan Kennedy library and becoming part of the Insider’s Circle – I wanted more, so I took part in becoming a Dan Kennedy Certified No B.S. Business Advisor.

Now, why do I tell this story? First, my audiences are entrepreneurs so by telling them that I have been one myself for over a decade, they can relate to me. Furthermore, they know that I wanted to make my business more successful and I needed help – exactly where some of them are right now. Finally, conveying my constant search for information, my past entrepreneurial experiences, and sheer passion for business – my audiences know they can trust what I have to say.

Here is your homework – write down your personal story. Make sure it relates with your audience and makes you the expert. That’s not all – then you have to apply to your business through your marketing. This will not take as long as you think and can have a huge impact of sales, retention, and ascension

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