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In keeping with the topic of the Election, I wanted to write to you briefly about “Confidence”.

As you know I owned and operated Martial Arts Schools for over 10 years day in and day out and one of the primary things parents bring their kids in for was and still is Confidence. This is of course achieved over a period of time and primarily with positive reinforcement and many accomplishments felt by the individual through various rank advancements and lots of little “wins” in between.

In dealing with the economy and talking with several clients over the past couple weeks and adjusting strategies continuously it has come up more often…this whole notion of confidence, positive thinking, believing in yourself and what you’re doing.

A couple saying to bring out the point…

I remember Dan Kennedy describing the life as an Entrepreneur as one “where we wake up and go out into the real world where they eat the young everyday” making a point of the ruthlessness of life and business.

Now, with perhaps the most important election of our lifetime (of course they’re all important) it made me think of another quote I’ve heard before, goes something like this, “only someone arrogant enough to think they actually deserve and are capable to rule the free world could run for president” or said another way by ultra wealthy successful business people on why there are not more “qualified” candidates…”because the ones who are best qualified are TOO SMART to run!”

Anyhow, a political side note, there is one very capable and proven candidate running for president which I’m proud to support, the choice is yours, not the point of this or my position to attempt to influence you one way or another, at least for now J

What strikes me so much about Politicians is the strong, perhaps stubborn will, and belief that:

1. They will WIN

2. They are RIGHT

3. They are the Best One

And despite the overwhelming criticism, vile comments, and very naked life that comes before the entire world – they must stay and the goods ones do, STRONG and CONVICTED in their mission.

Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer are always talking about the most important behavior of Successful Entrepreneurs, as outline in the Renegade Millionaire System, is IMMUNITY TO CRITICISM!!!

Without a doubt this is something we should learn and strive for, as apparent by Senator McCain and Senator Obama.

Can you image what it’s like to be hated by basically 50% of the entire country…because that’s what it comes down to, polls and approval ratings, liberal media and opinion aside, 50/50.

Of course you’re striving for better results with your customers…

But the point – in your life as an entrepreneur – how do you handle Criticism…do you hide under the covers and let your dreams die, do you shy away from opportunity and settle for less than deserved results, success, and monetary gain because of the people around you or the voices in your head.

My very favorite quote from George W Bush, like him or hate him, is instructive for all of us, when at a press conference sometime a few years back, someone ask him why he was so stubborn and “set in his ways with his direction on things” and he responded without hesitation:

“I have to be, if I don’t set my agenda someone else will!”

Now, history will tell on the results of said agenda. But for You and Me, us now, here in our life and in this economy and world of opportunity…

Who’s setting your agenda:

Your Price.

Your Time.

Your Attitude.

Your Behaviors.

Your Business.

Your Bank Account.

ARE YOU SETTING YOUR AGENDA or is someone else?

Next time you see McCain or Obama, keep your opinions inside and notice their conviction, their belief, their certainty of what they are doing…

And strive to do the same with your customers and in your life.

Of course you can’t do it, or anything alone and that’s why it’s so important to be plugged into our Success Environment with other Entrepreneurs who face the same challenges, strive for similar accomplishments, and share in your frustrations and successes.

Combat the critics, unlock your potential, strengthen your position, and set your agenda.

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