Simple Solutions for Complex Problems…

Simple Solutions for Complex Problems…

July 30th, 2008 // 1:40 pm @

Simple Solutions for Complex Problems…


Today, as with everyday, times tight…pressing deadlines and client work to fulfill, meeting to prepare for and plots to unfold…keeping up with things is not easy! Don’t let people pull your leg. Here’s something you can take to the bank:

If SUCCESS Was Easy, Everybody Would Be

If Getting & Staying RICH Was Easy, Everybody Would Be

If Everybody Else Knew Everything You Know, You’d Be Working For Them

The truth is, it ain’t easy being me…running business…getting rich…

How about You?

Let me reassure you, “It’s A War Out There”!

And if you’re not fight for what you want, someone else is.

I’ve got 2 major points I want to bring to you today, quick ones, so pay attention.

First, when listening to Dan Kennedy interview Gene Simmons before the 2008 Super Conference on an audio CD, Gene talked about a comment he made at a speech at a Business Conference in Hawaii. Saying, calling yourself “Small” Business was doing you an injustice, a disservice, an “if you say it’s so”, it’ll be.

He says, why on earth would anyone want to be “Small” or limit themselves to this.

When people generally hear “small business” they are thinking either number of employees or amount of gross revenue. Just get that out of your head…it is SELF LIMITING.

I assure you, whether you are running a small business or big business, you have different problems, but you still have problems…and one could argue which ones are actually more difficult to deal with. I always remember a weekly fax from Dan Kennedy as part of the Gold+ Membership Level, where said, the difference between rich people problems and on the way to being rich people problems are THE NUMBER OF ZEROS behind the problem. He said, you may have a $100 or $1000 problem, I’ve got a $10,000 or $100,000, some companies got a $1,000,000. Problems don’t go away.

So, listen up – If you’re responsible for your own income, or at least a part of it, if you’re looking to grow a business…STOP Limiting yourself, you deserve better.

Like Donald Trump’s famous saying, “I you’re going to do something anyway, why not do it BIG!” “If you’re going to think, think BIG!”.

I say give yourself more credit, take what you’re doing more seriously, it’s easy to make excuses when we settle for something “small” – it’s relative – You’re an Entrepreneur – there’s someone like you, doing what you’re doing, making 10, maybe 100 times as much, not doing a whole lot more or different than you – GO AFTER IT!

Next, how do you actualize what I’m talking about…

The secret is in my first sentence of this post:


Business is a complex thing, people who try to find ‘easy’ or ‘simple’ ways to create a business and grow it – Fail.

Don’t be caught in the trap of thinking there is a Magic Pill that will solve all your problems, make you all your money.

Bottom Line:

What is simple to get is easy to lose.

Sustainable Businesses are based upon systems, predictable processes that you can rely on. And, when you hear “systems” don’t think that means without manual labor or some automatic machine. Some delegation and automation is possible, but a business is run, developed, grown, and sustained by a person when it’s all said and done.

This month I’m going to detail out for you some of these “Complex Problems” that are holding you back and we’ll discuss the mirage and easy to fall victim to “simple solutions” that are screwing up your business and stressing you out.

We’ll examine key business success and growth principles like “Diversity Leads To Stability” and apply them to your business.

I’ll personally show you how to SOLVE these complex problems in your business by easy to implement, proven solutions, not simple, proven, with moving parts that you’ll have to be there to understand

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