An Opportunity of a Lifetime…And a Month Full of Fireworks!

An Opportunity of a Lifetime…And a Month Full of Fireworks!

July 2nd, 2008 // 1:31 pm @

An Opportunity of a Lifetime…And a Month Full of Fireworks!

Before I get to that…

A personal aside, I’ll be in Chi-town this weekend for some amazing Fireworks show and some fun time on Navy Pier. I love Chicago, just not the driving in Chicago, but there is so much to do and beautiful buildings everywhere – I’m excited to also be visiting TRUMP’s newest hotel in Chicago, truly a masterpiece so I hear, as is everything he touches.

Anyhow, after a Friday night in Chi-town, I’m going to head of to a special spot I know of close to the Indiana Dunes where I just love walking on the sand and looking out into the “lake like and ocean” view.

This is a great weekend to take time and relax and really think about everything going well for you and all that you’ve accomplished. We all get caught up in the struggles and frustrations of business and life and don’t often enough truly appreciate all we’ve got and ALL YOU HAVE CREATED for yourself.

So, take time, pat yourself on the back, you’re doing great things and the best part is always, that the best is yet to come…

I don’t know much about these blog things, I just write them, but I’d sure like to hear from you, where you’re headed or what you’re doing this weekend and as importantly hear about some things that are going well for you…email me a little message at subject line July 4th and share your thoughts.

Have a wonderful time with your family, I’ll let you know how the windy Chicago is this weekend and the site I see – take some time, you deserve it – but before you go to far, read the rest of this email and GET INVOVLED. You know the saying, you get out of it what you put into it…think about the riches people in the world, paying in the most taxes – – – and they are only getting richer…

Their secret is they do a lot, the get involved in a lot, and they take advantage of everything they can. This month I’m putting a lot on the table for the taking – get involved with me and your local GKIC Chapter, you’ll profit from it…and next year we can share even bigger stories about July 4th and the fireworks we’ll be watching.

Happy 4th


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