A Month Full of Fireworks…Continued

A Month Full of Fireworks…Continued

July 10th, 2008 // 1:34 pm @

A Month Full of Fireworks…Continued

I had a wonderful time, it went too fast, as everything does, however I enjoyed the sites, some shopping and just being in Chicago. From time to time when I travel or go on sort of a “vacation” I’ll just relax and “do nothing”, but typically I like to cram a lot in and experience the area…if you know me very well, you know, relaxing isn’t really my nature.

Navy Pier was packed the whole time; Fireworks on the 4th was just a sea of people, mainly families enjoying the activities.Shopping on Michigan Ave was crazy, but enough room to move around, I suppose it’s that way no matter when you go.

I did go to the Trump International Hotel and check the place out – hoping to find a picture of The Donald for a photo opt – which is probably the very reason there were no photos of him anywhere. I stayed at the Downtown Marriott (got to get my rewards points ) not quite to the top, but the view facing Michigan Ave towards the Lake and angled at the River on the 31stfloor wasn’t too shabby.

All in all we walked about 10 miles or so, actually that was half the point, being outside – and really Chicago is such a clean city – it’s amazing. Oh, I almost forgot, we went to the “Tastes of Chicago” food festival, it was interesting, good food, and profitable concept, worth going.

Anyhow, let’s get to the real marketing lessons and what all this means to you!

Here’s what I noticed in general:

  1. Everything, except maybe the clothes – were UNDERpriced. Demand was WAY more than supply. For example, the Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier was $6 per person – I’d have paid at least double to get to the head of the line or better yet, the nights of the fireworks. The Ferris wheel ran until midnight – imagine a seat on the Ferris Wheel while the Fireworks were going on – I’d have paid at least 3-5 times, maybe 10 for the right package for this experience.
  2. THEY Don’t KNOW what we know – they don’t know how to do what we do – they don’t realize the potential and money left on the table. Listen it’s not about how much you make or how successful you are, it’s about THE OPPORTUNITY COST and what’s there that you’re missing.

That’s what we’ll be discussing at this months Chapter Meeting, how to structure your business or at least aspects of your business to give Affluent People – Affluent Options and really sell them what they want to buy.

This Ferris Wheel example can be anything – on the tour boats, why didn’t they have waterside seats at higher premiums than inside seats, etc. Dinner Seating on the Pier, for reservations during the Fireworks should’ve charged a premium. Obvious opportunities missed that kept people like me with their cash in their pockets.

What opportunities are you missing?

  1. Next aspect of Affluence, and my favorite… The Trump Hotel – isn’t missing opportunities! In fact, they are still under construction with at least a third of the hotel and they were BOOKED, well, actually they did have 3 rooms left on the 4th with one single bed, city view (which means the worst side of the hotel and no water) for $795… Go figure. I paid about $300 for a damn nice room at the Marriott – the $795 was the lower end, less desirable rooms and only 3 left. Believe me, they were gone by the end of the night… Marriott, still had vacancies.
  1. I could go on and on – in general though, the biggest factor of affluence was the sheer number of people and FAMILIES, not single people with disposable income and no bills – but FAMILIES where in Chicago and around the world throwing money around like it was more abundant than the rain in the past couple months… Because, as you and I know, it is!

You have some decisions to make, and if you were on Dan’s No BS Marketing to the Affluent Free Tele-seminar yesterday Dan helped you make them…

In essence saying that You can either take advantage of this Phenomenon or you can fall victim to what’s left behind. It’s true that the middle class is disappearing but two thirds, that right, over 60 percent of them are moving UP to mass affluence…

If you’re looking to increase your income and grow your business, then you’ve got to sell to people who’s income is also increasing…they’re waiting for you and they want to buy!

If you’re ready to learn more about this, if you’re at least curious, maybe confused, or still in disbelief, or you’re ready to get started shaping your business to cater to the people who can make your richer faster, then you’ve got to get plugged in

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