The Biggest Sigh of Relief…

The Biggest Sigh of Relief…

June 25th, 2008 // 1:28 pm @

The Biggest Sigh of Relief…

Comes when an entrepreneur, successful or struggling, discovers for themselves that they are not alone. That there others like them, exist and are experiencing the same frustrations, accomplishments, challenges, and breakthroughs.

If you’re tired of “business as usual” or wondering why you never get the results you’re looking for – I would challenge you, that the reason is because you’re not hanging out with the right people and plugging into the right information.

Of course, I wouldn’t identify the problem with out also giving you a prescription…

President of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, Bill Glazer has a famous saying…

“The Entrepreneur is the loneliest person on the planet”

This is because like You, they feel that no one really understands what they do, who they are, how they live, and especially why they think the way they do –

I mean honestly, who do you have in your life that you can openly share your most bitter failures and frustrations, and your most fruitful successes and ambitions.

If you’re looking for a place where you’ll fit in, a place where you can go to work on your business and improve your current situation – then you must get around other entrepreneurs and be able to share ideas, discover proven marketing strategies and business building fundamentals, as well as the newest cutting edge ways to make doing business easier and more profitable.

This is the primary purpose of attending our local Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle Chapter Meeting each month.

You can not walk out of our evening event without being motivated, connected, and most importantly have actionable ideas and things to implement in your business.

The point of my writing today is to encourage, urge you really, to get plugged into to a group of successful entrepreneurs and proven information…

Sure there is a place for social networking, and I do some of it myself, from time to time, above all else you should put yourself in an environment where your thinking is challenged and where you’re fed marketing and money making information that will truly impact your business, month to month, again and again.

You don’t know what you’re missing, until you’ve experienced it for yourself.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about “little hinges” and how they affect your business – and I’ve got to tell you, attending our monthly chapter meetings isn’t so little, it’s a big hinge and it’ll make a difference in your business and your life.

If you’re sitting on the fence or you’ve been putting off attending our Chapter, wait no more, you can RSVP to attend right here. This month we’ll be dissecting Dan Kennedy’s more recent Book Release – Ruthless Management of People and Profits – there’ll be plenty of productive networking time, interactive “work on your business” exercises, and more than a couple “Big Ideas” and several “take home” things to implement.

If you’re looking for “The Place” – consider this your invitation.

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