Back from Baltimore…

Back from Baltimore…

June 18th, 2008 // 1:26 pm @

Back from Baltimore…

I just returned from Baltimore for the second time in 9 days…and it was worth every minute. This time for a National Mastermind and Coaching Group called Peak Performers, where Bill Glazer and Lee Milteer take about 100 entrepreneurs through different exercises both in Marketing and “Peak Performance”.

Two things that I am amazed with, as this is my second full year in this group, each time I go – one is the diversity of people and the wide range of businesses that are involved.

Sure you have your typical Real Estate Investor, Mortgage Broker, Financial Investments, but then you also have Combat Weapons Manufacturer, Multi-Million Dollar Venture Capitalist, Internet Marketing Company from the UK, Consultant from the Netherlands, Celebrity Attorney, and I could go on and on – it is just amazing at all the different ways people make money…and realizing the fact that you can truly get rich doing just about anything!

That’s right, so many people try to pick the “thing” to do to get rich, when in fact you can achieve your lifestyle dreams in any business…as long as you have Marketing and Peak Performance, which is the whole point of this Coaching Group I attend.

The other thing that rings a bell every time I go to Baltimore for this experience is that there are so many ‘reminders’ of what I should’ve been doing that I know I should’ve been doing. That reminds me of a saying that I use often…”Champions don’t need to be told, they just need to be reminded”

Which in around about way means everybody needs a coach and should take time to reflect on their business and progress. When you get caught up in the day-to-day and don’t make decisions and take action strategically to move towards your objectives, you get lost and frustrated – you stale mate on progress.

People too often do what I call “Play Business”, and fail to actually run a business and get out of it what the real purpose is – to make a lot of money and help a lot of people.

Each month as the No B.S. Certified Business Advisor for Dan and Bill in Indianapolis, I put on a Chapter Meeting where entrepreneurs come together and have an experience much like the one I had in Baltimore, high powered networking, marketing strategies, and how to perform better and get more out of your life.

Every time I attend Peak Performers in Baltimore I leave with a re-focus; motivated plan to get what I want accomplished, done faster – I meet interesting people, I learn from the experts, and they challenge my thinking and my ways of doing things. I leave with plenty of ideas, more importantly, more actionable steps to take, and a roadmap for success.

I’d like to invite you to attend this month’s Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle Indianapolis Chapter Meeting and see for yourself the power of working “on” your business.

Be sure to watch for next weeks email, I’ve got a personal confession to make, won’t that might surprise you.

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