The Rich Get Richer, because…

The Rich Get Richer, because…

September 14th, 2011 // 11:17 am @

The Rich Get Richer, because…

I think I promised stories from San Francisco…but you’re not getting those today. That’s the fun part about being the guy that makes the rules, you can change them.

Today, I’m going to give you and up-to-the-minute report of what I’ve been doing, and included in this, together, we’ll get to the very core of why the rich get richer and how,regardless of what direction you are headed now, you can quickly change that momentum in your favor.

Not sure how sexy my message will be for you today, but it’ll darn sure be significant. That is of course if you are up to the challenge of being bulldozed by reality…I know sometimes Wednesday are painful for ya, depending on how closely you read this.

No pain, no gain, as the saying goes.

And we begin.

I’m writing you from a hotel room in Cleveland after spending the evening driving through the countryside of Ohio, a pleasant drive, brings back memories from my days out in the country growing up. Why am I hear you asked…

Well, it all began at the SuperConference earlier this year with a close personal friend and a client of mine introduced me to one of his close personal friends, we listened to each other stories, shared much in common, and determined that we ought to at least discuss the possibilities of a relationship, and maybe working together.

So we did that. We dialogued, did some discovery and we decided to take the next steps…

As you know, I’m very selective over who and how I work. I know that the quality of relationships determine the quality of life and affect everything else. I also choose to be involved with, at this level, a small number of people because I’ve got my own businesses to run and one thing always happens when I form a relationship with a client, one, they become a close personal friend, and two, the relationship and their business interests always expand.

That’d be a sign of a good thing, by the way.

Anyhow, every relationship of this nature, begins with some Face-to-Face meeting and on-site visit to their business. Now, I’m talking about ON-SITE…actually being there.

I do this for two reasons. One, I’m a little old fashion and I believe every relationship that should stand the test of time should begin with a handshake, looking them in the eyes.

The other reason is because I want to fully understand this person and their business. I want to see how they live, how they work, I want to FEEL the business. I want to meet the people around them, grasp what they are up against every day, take an inventory of possibilities and opportunities from an “in the trenches” perspective. And all the other obvious reasons.

Of course I’m only talking about, the highest level, my most intimate involvement with clients I actually “work with” and advise personally.

So, fortunately, my new friends being located in the heart (another work for in the middle of no-where) Ohio, could be coordinated with my trip to Cleveland for other Glazer-Kennedy matters. Which happens to also be leading me to Chicago for Client Seminars and Meetings and then another Glazer-Kennedy event at the front end of the week.

So, Monday, I began what will be a 12 day stretch of travel, up from Charleston to Dayton, driving to Huntsville, then to Cleveland, flying to Chicago for 5 days (1 day of my famous experiencing the city will be tucked in there, where Maddy will fly up too…can’t wait) and then back to Indy for my Coaching/Mastermind Days and back home.


Told you you’d get an update.

Good news, with every update, there is a lesson.
And today’s lesson big!

While I’m at it, I’d like to give a little shout out to Jeremy, Adam, my new friends in Duff Country, and especially to Jason for a wonderful day yesterday and the beginning a powerful relationship. I have to tell you, I had fun driving all over Ohio, seeing everything he’s got going on, and learning about the different businesses.

It truly was like a kid on a field trip…and you know how much I love field trips!

I don’t often bring “others” into my writing (but I know they are reading and), what I’m about to share with you is coming directly from my experience yesterday and it is what I notice and know about the most successful people in my life and those I work with…and it is 100% responsible for my personal success as well.

So, thank my friends for this, and who would have thought my time in Ohio could change everything for you.

Without any unnecessary details, yesterday I saw the results of two words that have been responsible for the building and continuing to grow a family business empire. And believe me, I use the word empire for a reason. I could write all day telling you about all the businesses and how they tie together.

Instead, because we’re both short on time, I’ve got to get to the point (yeah, yeah, I know, you were waiting for that part).

Two words.




Allow me to explain, because you won’t get it on face value.

First – about INTEGRITY!

I knew yesterday exactly what I was going to write about today when my friend and now client said on multiple occasions in different conversations that he had TWO GOALS…everything in his businesses led back to these TWO GOALS.

They were clearly stated, specific, and said with a seriousness to them that you knew every decision, every action, every strategic plan and vision gets ran through the litmus test of these 2 objectives.

Of course I’m not going to tell you.
His goals don’t have to be yours.

Now, to say that it was that simple, would be an understatement, because there was an overriding “philosophy” also that governed everything in his life.

So, you could say, these two goals governed by this one philosophy.
WOW. I said, Brilliant. And no wonder his success speaks for itself.

No wonder you can’t stop him from growing his empire even if you tried.

Listen, the point is very simple.
What are your REASONS for doing everything you do
What are your REASONS for making every decision
What are your REASONS for waking up in the morning
What are your REASONS for growing your business, heck, just being in business

What are your goals!
And, what governs those goals.
What governs your actions, decisions, ideas, etc.

My friend along with his family (certainly he’s taking it to an entirely new level and created many other businesses of his own) have built an empire because they know their PURPOSE. They are very clear on their direction and their goals.

YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS FIRST – before you can have INTERGRITY of purpose.
First purpose, then integrity.

Why integrity, or what do I mean by that…
Well, that’s easy, if you want to achieve something in your life, you must have integrity with yourself about that.

I’m going to stand up for a second, pretend I’m looking you in the eye, and say something very bold to you – right now.


Sorry. It’s the truth telling zone, it’s the only way you’ll keep coming back every week, is for my messages to have integrity with you.

Oh, I don’t necessarily mean you are a liar.
When you say you are going to accomplish something and then you don’t…I guess, technically, that is a lie.

Integrity is so much deeper than lying, and I could care less about that anyhow.
I’m talking about YOU, deep down inside.
I’m talking about what makes you tick, what makes you think, what makes you do what you do.

You’ve heard you must get clear on your goals.
And, sure, yes, that’s true.

BUT my friends, that is half the battle.
Clear goals do nothing.

LIVING with INTEGRITY towards those goals, are what makes it possible for them to be achieved.

You get it.

Identify what you really want your business, life, self to be like.
Then, establish very specific goals and objectives, and decide what governs those decisions.
And, NOW, act with integrity EVERY SINGLE DAY in EVERY THING YOU DO.

Ryan and I, we have goals, we have governing things that determine our decisions, and they can change by the way, we change our “rules” yearly, but always moving in the direction of our Purpose…and with integrity, it’s why I can say NO to a project, it’s why I can FIRE a client, it is why I can with INTEGRITY leave my home for 12 days, travel to 4 (I lost track) cities and build relationship and a business empire.

Because there is a purpose and integrity behind every decision and every action.

It is the first half the battle of why the RICH get RICHER, because they have more integrity.
(offend you yet…I’m sure trying)

2nd – HUSTLE.

Part two, and the believe me, it’s a “part two” as important as a Pitcher and a Catch…would be like sitting in a car with the it turned on, headed in the right direction, but without pushing on the gas…or having any fuel.

HUSTLE, it’s the thing you don’t do enough of, the thing other do NONE of.
It’s why as soon as I knew I’d be making this trip I filled up every nook and cranny of it with meetings face-to-face, and minute by minute phone appointments in the dead space.

It’s why my schedule stays booked months in advance.
It’s why the Rich get Richer…

Because they hustle.

And my Ohioans from yesterday, the family empire that’s been created is a direct result of HUSTLE – everything from daily work ethic, to capitalizing on opportunities, to investing more aggressively, to putting money to work of you, to waking up and DOING SOMETHING.

Hey, you can preach quality of life and balance and all of that bullshit to me all you want.
I’d stack my quality of life, quality of relationships, and quality of just about anything up against just about anyone else.

Because, I am in full integrity with my goals and objectives and when I work, I hustle.

I know there’s the life is too short mentality that people use against themselves as excuse for playing around, but heck, don’t you get it, when you have integrity of purpose and goals, your work is your play. When you hustle, you have time for it all.


Hustle up. Act like you want it.
Be hungry, aggressive, and serious.
And go out there and make it happen.

Just to bring this full circle. My friend and client from yesterday, does more for his community and other organizations around the world than just about anyone I know, he works harder, and also has more fun, than just about anyone I know.

Excuses are just that. It’s what keeps losers losing, and the lack of them is what keeps winners winning.

I challenge you today, as big of a marketing lesson as you could ever receive…every notice, how the best marketing lessons are life lessons, and vice versa.

Well you can make this one out to be whatever you want.
The last thing I’ll say, is the most pathetic of things is listening to someone try to argue the obvious…I got no patience for it, that’s for sure.

The rich get richer because they hustle faster and work, live, think, decide, and ACT with in integrity every day in their business, in their life, and in their relationships.

We can all agree that momentum, by basic definition, the more you have the more you’ve got, and that’s the power of what I’ve shared with you today.

Reassess yourself. Get clear on your objectives and what governs your decisions, then act with integrity, and hustle, work like hell to make it happen.

And it will.

Oh, by the way, my friend, yeah, he’s 30…now, age to me is irrelevant, you can build a business at 15, 50, or 85, but my point is, it doesn’t take a lifetime to get somewhere, nope.

Just takes waking up every day KNOWING what you want and DOING something to make it happen. …30…just sayin


P.S. One quick aside, it does help to have a great team! And I enjoyed all the people I met yesterday and it was obvious the mission and passion of the family enterprise was throughout the organization. Great people. Hard workers. And, hey, they’re bringing me on board, so they’ve got to be extra smart…another lesson of success, and rich getting richer, they leverage other people’s experience and knowledge and resources to get them there…and they take people with them along for the ride. A first class Person with a first class Business empire I met yesterday and I’m proud to call him a friend and a client. Thanks boys…now let’s make some crazy stuff happen.

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