The “R-Rated” Email

The “R-Rated” Email

September 7th, 2011 // 11:16 am @

The “R-Rated” Email

First, the “R-Rated” email wasn’t mine (surprise). It was a result of me “offending of others”. I follow Dan Kennedy’s rule of offending at least one person every day by noon, or obviously I am not working hard enough.

You remember the famous quote by Mr. Earl Nightengale, through one way or another he’s had something to do with the reason I’m writing and you’re reading this message today…direct or not, his influence is not able to be separated from successful people.

The quote: “if you’ve got no other model to follow, person to emulate, no other example to copy, and you want to be successful just look around at what everyone else is doing and DO THE OPPOSITE!!!”

Or something very close to that.
Read it again, therein lies the formula to follow.

Well, let’s get a couple things straight right here and right now:
“everybody else” is doing a lot of very stupid shit.

By sheer definition the “majority” is always wrong…majority is “average”, at least when we are talking about being NOT average, about being at the very tip top of the pyramid of humanity in relationship to success.

You can be darn sure “everybody else” IS in fact getting offended, they are looking for ways to get offended, things to get offended about…you know these type of people, the same ones making excuses, stuck in the past, and whining about this, that, and everything else, except the plain as day, obvious as can be, reason for all of their problems, staring them straight back in the eyes, when they look in the mirror.

This all happened during my trip to San Francisco last week.
(More details about this adventure next week)

THE MOST SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE are not “rude”, but they do not, EVER, walk around worrying about other peoples feelings and offending them.

In fact, the MOST Successful People, NEVER worry about things outside of their control…

SUCH AS – other peoples feelings –
If you’ve not, read the book THE FOUR AGREEMENTS…one of my little secrets that change my life and view of people. They do what they do, say what they say, believe what they believe, and everything else in between. Not going to change them, so basing anything you do on them will result in frustration, disappointment, and a life where you give up control to the enemy – OTHERS!

The reality is, the most successful people, STRIVE FOR, CHEER ABOUT, and make it their daily objective to OFFEND PEOPLE. You can’t possibly be doing anything worthy if you are not.

Why do I say this…well, for one, it’s true.
And I’ll prove it –

Every month in our Chapter Events I say, “I’m here today to do one very important thing – OFFEND YOU – and you are here to be OFFENDED, because that means I am going to challenge your thinking.”

If I do not do this – why on earth would you want to waste your time.
If you leave as you have entered, WASTED!!! You, me, everybody – wasted.

Same as this email, this little weekly email newsletter, THE POINT is to offend you – to get you to check yourself, your thinking, often times what you are ignoring that is in your way, at the door. That’s my responsibility to you.

And I do it.

So, the question is, do you STAND FOR, BELIEVE IN, have PASSION about something, enough so you rub others the wrong way…I could get religious on you, I won’t, but you should be able to read between the lines.

If you are not where you want to be, success, freedom, money, and all of the above – RIGHT NOW – it is because you are not offending people enough, you are not pushing the limits of yourself and those around you enough.

I’m serious about this. You are not DOING ENOUGH of “the opposite” stuff in your life so you are less like “everybody else” and more like “no body else” (otherwise known as the most successful people).

Okay, the point, and the reason for my rant today.

Last week while I was saving the world and creating an incredible (I can’t disclose a single syllable of the plan) new business with a client AND enjoying a quick, but wonderful, vacation to San Francisco and Napa Valley…I got this email…from “one of them.”

Yes, for the first time I received a raging HATE email complete with vulgarities and profanity of the worst kind.

Of course, there are two very sad problems with this –
Not that fact that I got the email…that was, well, interesting to say the least.

What was sad is that, I, personally, DIDN’T receive the email, nope, my executive assistant did, and I can tell you, if someone had talked to my wife, daughter, or assistant like that in person, they would have had to take up another hobby, because talking out of their ass wouldn’t be possible.

Anyhow, sad she had to read it, but, she’s a big girl and is well aware of what we do here… and occasional consequence from sifting the winners from the losers, every day, with every email.

The other thing that is even more disappointing – is that by law, I can’t send him this email in response…he actually will miss out on the lesson, he probably needed to hear it more than you.

Oh well. That’s why he’s a loser.

The crazy part of it was, nothing in the email he replied to was offensive…darn. Not sure where he’s been or what he’s doing. I’ve given him plenty of material before to get upset.

But something set him off about this email campaign. And of course, you would guess: I received more “fan mail”, positive feedback and (best of all) we had the largest number of Chapter Event registrations than ever before in one single week from the same emails that got this particular asshole disgruntled.

Same emails – different people.
The majority getting offended.
And The others: You, the elite, top level of pyramid – doing the opposite.

The irony of it all, of course, is far greater than what I’m telling you here.
It’s really the fact that while the inspirer of our message today was busying typing his profane and distasteful words in his little email – I was relaxing at the Country Club in Napa Valley with my friend and client plotting out our plan to conquer the world.

So, the satire of this story is simple.
Me bucking the trend, standing out, offending people, got my client to take notice, began a relationship that put me on vacation in San Francisco staying at the Ritz, flying first class, and enjoying the view of Napa Valley…

Hey, I don’t say all of this to impress you…I also worked all the way over to Cali on the plane, worked some while there, had a day of consulting, and flew the red-eye back Friday so I could be with the kids and then work all weekend and on Labor day.

Sure, I enjoy the fruits of my labor, got more than most, but the key word in it all, was “LABOR” not fruits.

While he’s forever-more shut out of my world, of the opportunities, the resources, the great people like you…

That’s the crazy thing about life: opportunities all around, but the losers, they just can’t see ‘em and always thinking that they are entitled to more.

So THANK YOU! Thank you for being here, not being like that other guy…doing the opposite, fitting in with the successful, not “everybody else”, and most of all, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to offend you, to challenge your thinking, to get you to stare yourself straight in that mirror, then turn around and step up to the plate and swing for the fences of your dreams.

The only way to workout your immunity to criticism muscle is to give them something to criticize. This is the breakfast of champions.

Two firsts all in one week…cussed out by an email…and
My trip to San Francisco…can’t wait to tell you bout it, next week!

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