Random Thoughts About Life and Success

Random Thoughts About Life and Success

August 3rd, 2011 // 11:08 am @

Random Thoughts About Life and Success

Every year we take time out and host a private retreat for my top level coaching members and clients, people who I work with closely and we’ve been together for a certain period of time.

I do this more as an appreciation event than anything else. Still, it is designed to be a “working weekend” with business transformation at its core.

My goal is to make it an experience that justifies peoples entire investment and relationship with me by itself. Feedback from this year, from someone who attended last year said,

“…after last year, I really didn’t think you could possibly top it, you did, without a doubt, taking nothing away from last year, this year was even better…”

I appreciate that and all the other incredible feedback and comments.

Since this is more of a private thing, I’ve got nothing else to say.

One of the activities that we did were to meet 3 different entrepreneurs and business owners each with a different business and interview them, get to know their story, what makes them unique, then makeover their business.

Among other things, one of the real lessons of this that I hoped everyone got (and they did) was how quickly and easily they could see opportunities for improvement in their business, yet in many cases these entrepreneurs where as or more (in terms of revenue) successful than some of the participants.

The lesson obvious… DOING always out performs THINKING.

These people didn’t know what they didn’t know yet they found ways to get buy and build their businesses, by working. Often, because people get caught up in “information” and ideas, ideas, ideas, they forget the WORKING part and are stymied on their path to riches.

One of my favorite sayings is:

“Ideas will make you feel good, but actions will make you money”

And I’d challenge you to not be that person who’s trying to “think” your way to money and opportunity, you must “do” or better said, WORK your way to money and opportunity.

Hey that brings me to another point that I often see people fall entrepreneurial victims too.

Being easily offended.

Ha, there is no profit in offense, I assure you.

A person who is a close friend of mine years ago used to say to me, “I have never seen anyone who I couldn’t learn from and wouldn’t listen to, the beggar on the street, the banker in the suit and tie…”

I always wanted to be that person because you just never know. Period.

Our Celebrity Entrepreneur for the weekend was Mr. Mike Veeck, no time to tell his story but he was amazing, phenomenal, and a perfect set-up for the weekend. His family, famous in baseball, and he himself THE outrageous out-of-the-box marketer who owns seven minor league teams and fills thousands upon thousands of seats in games each and every week.

A person who thinks they know too much, or is too ‘stuck up’ to listen to people, will miss out on more opportunity than they garner.

Same with criticism, you must be immune to it, but you cannot get offended by it, or anything else. People who go around looking to be offended, looking to be negative, looking for excuses…two things about them:

One – they are all one in the same, not able to be separated

Two – they have no money, and hope no one else does too

Last point that I’d like to share with you, I often say that Success is not an a la carte menu. And it isn’t. Things required to be successful are required.

Over the weekend, my friends were taken through experiences that used up every minute that they were not sleeping.

The lesson I kept referring back to them was this:

We do not give ourselves enough time to accomplish anything of great significance in our business. We try to rush the stuff that makes the money and play around with the stuff that lets us pretend being busy.

You must always have deadlines and you must always give the most important tasks the proper amount of time to get them accomplished, executed, and maximized.

That’s why this retreat is a few days not a few hours. It’s why I meet with my clients for an hour or more not 15 minutes. It’s why I do consulting DAYs not consulting minutes.

Time is all you’ve got, better use it, not waste it.

Speaking of waste…and I know I’m giving you a bunch of sayings this week and random thoughts, next week back to business, but I’ve got a very important point for you…

Rich people become spontaneous AFTER they make money, not before.

So, please, get the illusion of doing what you want, whenever you want, wake up in the morning and see how you feel…kind of lifestyle for AFTER you deserve it.

As I wrap this up I want to say that I try to choose very carefully the people who are in my life. I am glad you are one of them, and I’m very thankful for all of those who follow me closely and who trust in me to impact and make a difference in their life.

If there is one thing that all of our clients and members have in common…it’s loyalty.

Life’s too short to keep starting over…and since at the end of the day it’s all about relationships, seems you ought to have ones with people who you like, who match up with your beliefs, objectives, and principles.

Those who lacks loyalty are a diminishing proposition with unreliable EVERYTHING.

So, a big shout out and public thank you to everyone in my life and to those people who we just spent a few days together, I can’t wait until next year, your support, loyalty, and dedication to success, I’m forever thankful for and I’m excited for the great things to come for You.

Remember, I’ve got your back and I take my responsibility more seriously than anything else. As I wrote to you in my letter, and as one of my coaching members said to me…

“I think you want for me as much or more than I want for myself”

That’s the compliment of all compliments and to me, the true sign of a leader you want to follow and stand by and that’s loyalty explained.

I’m proud to be that person, for you.

I’m going to give you the single most success-money-happiness determining secret next week.

Truly it’s THE SECRET of life. I promise, so stay tuned.


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