Maybe you should get a job…

Maybe you should get a job…

July 20th, 2011 // 10:55 am @

Maybe you should get a job…

Last night I sat through a very brief graduation ceremony for a group of Nurses, in particular one of Maddy’s good friends and someone she helped mentor through the process. They call this thing a “pinning ceremony”.

I chose to go for a couple reasons.

One, to spend time with Maddy, and although I can never say I’m ahead of schedule, but I had a cushion, so I went.

Two, I wanted to show my support for her friend who has made positive decisions in her life and against many other forces taken steps-up in her ambitions. Those are the people who should be supported, wouldn’t you say. And, as you know, I’m a big “trading up” kind of guy and support anyone who strives to make that happen.

Third reason, and a little secret, because I’d only admit this to you all –

I wanted to go hang around “those kind of people” for a little while and see things from their perspective.

I’ve got a couple clients that are moving fast into the direct to consumer marketing, and one who will be directly selling to Nurses, as a matter of fact, so it was market research.

*lesson, there’s always a purpose, life’s too short to use an experience for only one thing.

So what does a Nursing Graduation have to do with you…


Let me tell you something, I would have thought these women were winning the Super Bowl. I mean tears, prayers, celebrations, shout outs, and just all kind of crazy things. I can’t imagine how happy they were when they had babies…it was just very cool, for them, and exciting to see others passionate and excited to do something with their lives.

Every one of them has fought through struggles of their own while finishing this new chapter in their life. Every one of them sees this as THE opportunity that will change everything.

And, for some, if they choose, and if they take the same responsibility they had to in order to make it out of School, this is capable of being a catalyst for bigger and better things for them.

Most, however, unfortunately, will live a life of quiet (or not so much) desperation of wondering why nursing wasn’t the magic pill, wasn’t the quick fix, wasn’t the happily ever after event in their life that they thought it would be.

In this example, I have three lessons, that I’ll try to make brief, though you know that’s not my strong suit.

First, about “your” customer.

Can you imagine how hard it would have been during the months these women were going through school to sell them something…anything!?! Simply their minds weren’t listening to your message. They couldn’t care less about anything other than making the grade and getting done.

Well, I got news for you, every one of your customers has some THING they are doing now, experiencing now, consumed with now, that they couldn’t care less about your message.

You either have to find a way to break through that barrier or align with it.

But, you simply can’t ignore it.

People aren’t waking up every day looking for ways to give you money, you’ll starve relying on that. You gotta go out there and get it.

Second, about “you”

The Magic Pill…they are all looking for it.

They believe this is THE thing…

And for some they might be right, for some, this degree, this new career, this new phase in their life will CHANGE everything.

But, don’t miss the bigger point – they all believe that it will.

And if your business isn’t selling them something of this magnitude, at least given whatever circumstances, situations, etc that you sell against, you are fighting a losing battle.

Nobody wants to invest their money, time, life, energy, etc into something that isn’t THE THING!

To these women at this time in their life the moment they shared last night, it was a turning point for them. You get rich when you sell turning points for people also.

No matter how mundane your business may be, MARKETING can make it a BIG DEAL, and you must, because that’s what people want.

Now, on the other hand, don’t make the mistake of thinking anything will change you or your life, only you can do that – only responsibility will reward these women with the success they imagine.

Finally – and the real message I wanted to get across today was this…

These girls were on top of the world. And as they should be. For them, this was huge.

Depending on how you measure success, is completely up to you.

We need nurses, more of them, good ones, well paid ones, etc.

But – if you are talking in terms of money, well then, I’m sure many of you reading this generate more money in a month than most of them will in any one year.

Personally, as you know, I have many “deals”, one-single relationship, event, or transaction that equal more profit than income a nurse would realize in multiple years of hard work.

Now, who’s worth more, we’ll the marketplace dictates that – and who am I to judge.

That’s not my point and it’s not what you should focus on either.

Instead, think about this.

These wonderful women who will save lives (my mother was one for 42 years) are excited about their career, about their accomplishment, many of them simply can’t wait to get out there and EARN their money. Far better than the alternative and what many of their classmates ended up doing…collecting a check instead of earning one. If you know what I mean.

Anyhow, they do not know the difference, they do not know the possibilities of unlimited income. It would be foreign to them. That’s why us entrepreneurs must stick together.

But – what I saw last night is what is so often missing from the business owners that are lost, frustrated, and struggling to achieve their goals…

PASSION – Excitement – dedication to MAKING potential happen instead of sitting back and thinking someone else or something else is going to make it happen.

You take someone who is thrilled to death to graduate and go into a 40-60 hour job, that probably is underpaid, and they are excited.

They are anxious to get started.

And yet, you take someone who has the ability to create their own income, live their own lifestyle, control their own destiny and they squander it.

It pains me to see business owner and entrepreneurs who fall under the entitlement philosophy who think their customers, the economy, the government or anyone else is supposed to make things easier for them, or hand them out opportunity.

Perhaps if you had to suffer through months of schooling, go to work in a hospital every day, and every decision you make could end the life of your customer –

You’d take YOUR Responsibility a bit more seriously.

Boy, it’s not like me to have to weeks in a row full of frustration.

Last night was a bit touching –

And I’ll tell you this, there are more of those nurses out there last night that I would hire than many of the business owners and entrepreneurs I know, because they are hungry for success, they are passionate about how they’ve chosen to make their money, and they take their responsibility seriously.

Rest assured, I’m not here to judge, nor does it affect me in the least if you don’t take your business seriously, I’m just saying, get you what you get based on what you put into it.

The marketplace is ruthless and unemotional.

It delivers what you deserve, in every case.

Sorry. Truths painful if you fight against it, just like those darn shots they taught those nurses to do.

I hope whatever you are choosing to do with your life, you are making the most of it.

And, above all else, accepting that You’re the only one that can.


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