The Constant Struggle

The Constant Struggle

June 8th, 2011 // 10:44 am @

The Constant Struggle

This month I have 2 major events (in time, preparation, and opportunity), 3 consulting days, 4 new clients, a launch of a new program of national scale and significant future implications, and a longer waiting list than ever before.  That’s just the stuff that’s new.

I won’t clog up your email reading time with the long list of ‘everything’ that I do that repeats and recurs every single month, including the revenue from it all.

It now takes me longer every week to handle communications and correspondence (which I limit exclusively to Mondays, even if it doesn’t all get done) than it used to take in a month, probably at one point, a year.

Heck, I know it sounds boastful and arrogant, but it takes me longer to account for my royalty checks from clients than it used to take me to add up all the money in my life.  That’s good news for them too by the way, means they are making money.

Anybody that tells you being successful is a parttime job…is unemployed.

I’m going to surprise you here, with what I say next, then, if you keep reading, I’m going to tell you how all of this came to be…

I run down the list of “stuff” that takes up my time absolutely NOT to impress you, rather to make a point:

I fight like hell to stay on top of it every single day.  Most days I win, but not all.

Dan Kennedy has said many times the only difference between the rich and want to or trying to (get the distinction) be rich, other than money, is the size of their problems!

And the amount of effort required to outlast the daily struggle.

We struggle from the time, opportunity, frustration, fatigue, just as anyone else does.

More so, because we work harder.

Bigger than that, we struggle against all the people, places, and things trying to get in our way and push their agendas upon us.

We struggle with ourselves.

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a private coaching member and good friend to get through this very thing.

And I told them to remember, as the entrepreneur, they are sailing their own ship.  You are the captain – you must take control.

Think of it this way, when you are climbing up the mountain, it’s rough out there.

Rocks falling. Wind blowing. Weather changing. Losing your grip. Slipping backwards. Struggling to hang on.

The climb is never easy, nor is staying on top.

Here’s what you’ve got to do, something I once heard Zig Ziglar say a long time ago.

ENJOY The Price.

That’s right – ENJOY.

Not Pay the Price.


You must embrace your struggles, be motivated by them.

You have to be obsessed with challenge, with results, with success.

We had one of the best Chapter Events of all time last Friday.

I say that because it’s what everyone told me.

The reason is because it was about SPEED and IMPLEMENTATION.

It was about overcoming struggle, after struggle, after struggle.

One of my close friends and clients once said to me, he believed “the degree of success a person achieves in their life is in direct proportion to the degree and amount of difficult circumstances they overcome.”

Meaning that you have to step-up.  Meet life head on.  Prepare for battle.

EXPECT To Win – but also


Let me give you some quick tips on how I prepare for battle everyday.

  1. Never go to bed without a list for tomorrow, the battle plan
  2. Always prioritize the list based on time and money
  3. Create WORK days where they are void of everything else, phone, email, bullshit, people, whatever – days where you simply WORK
  4. Control your environment, control others, control everything
  5. Get very clear that bootcamp and war are two different things, you can’t “practice” your way rich, you must put yourself in harms way, be OUT THERE if you want to win
  6. Be clear on your objectives, your agenda, be the captain of your ship, know where it’s going, and set sail to get there every single day
  7. Reward yourself and punish yourself depending on what’s warranted

And my biggest secret of all, TRADE UP,

Time, people, opportunity, fight bigger battles, take bigger risks.

More on that one next week.

Here’s the thing I want you to take away from my message.

Do NOT Expect to achieve ANYTHING without a struggle.

You will be severely disappointed and live a depressed and suppressed life.

You are not alone, ever, in this.  Don’t think that you are.

Here’s the formula that I live by, that once I agreed to accept it, everything else changed.

SUCCESS = Responsibility / Responsibility = SUCCESS

You can’t have one without the other.

Take more (I say, take all) Responsibility


Achieve more Success –

And Enjoy everything that comes with it…

Including the struggle!

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