Regrets… living without them

Regrets… living without them

June 22nd, 2011 // 10:47 am @

Regrets… living without them

“Treat each day as if it were your last”

Really just never made any sense to me.  If we’re being honest about it all, it’s just not possible, not for the Entrepreneur, not for anyone, with Say…


That’s said, I do believe in treating people as if you’ll never see them again.

I’ve not had a close personal family member, such as my parents pass away yet and I’m thankful for that.  I realize I can’t type into words what others feel when this happens.

I do know this – I have no regrets with anyone in my life.

If and when they ever creep up, I fix them.  Deal with them. And move on from them.

So…as much as a person can be, I’m prepared for whatever, because I live it out everyday.

When it comes to business and making money, I think the same mentality and philosophy is also essential for success.

I’m a “seize the day” kind of guy.

And, it’s crazy to me that others do not operate like this, but then, still, wonder why they are not successful, why others don’t seek them out to help them, why money, and/or anything positive never finds them.

They say at the end of our lives it won’t be about the things we did, but the things we did NOT do that we’ll think back and regret.

Feels like a pretty pathetic feeling, even this far in advance, at least for me.

I think about that.  And do more with it, every year.

How does one make that happen, the “living without regrets” type of thing.

I believe it comes down to be


And always striving for the best and the maximum in all situations and opportunities.

Think about this: if you sell more, better, faster – WHEN YOU DO IT
Then, don’t you have more time, money, and resources to do all those other things that you don’t want to regret at the end.

“of course”, is the answer.

That’s why your commitment to your goals and objectives is so important.

Your obsession over getting all you can out of everything you do, have, try, and experience.

Life without regrets is about DOING.

Not thinking, contemplating, planning, pretending.


And only sure ways I know to do more is are

  • Be around others that do more
  • Leverage ways that force you to do more
  • Learn from others who do more

I’ve written another message about regrets and about seeing Dan Kennedy live in Indianapolis for his one time 4-hour Seminar, “10 Ways to double your income in 29 days”

I’m not going to say more about it here.

(although, you can get one of the last remaining tickets by clicking here,

What I will say is this –

There is no reason to live with regrets…

Simply follow these steps –

  • Be committed
  • Maximize opportunity
  • Appreciate life
  • Live respectfully
  • Take responsibility

One of the movies that had a great impact on me was “The Dead Poet’s Society”.

Robin Williams said, “Carpe Diem” and “suck the marrow out of life”

And that’s exactly what I do in all areas…including business and being an entrepreneur.

It pays off, believe me…


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