Getting the cream to rise to the top, how to and why you must

Getting the cream to rise to the top, how to and why you must

June 29th, 2011 // 10:49 am @

Getting the cream to rise to the top, how to and why you must

Actually, last week we were churning butter, in the form of one giant event, the biggest-ever in Indianapolis in terms of diversity of a entrepreneurs and business owners.

441 people (including 307 people who have never seen, heard, or been a part of our Group and/or exposed to Dan Kennedy) gathered into a room to receive “10 Ways to Double Their Income in 29 Days!”

And the feedback has been relentless and the ideas life changing.

For example the day after the event I held one of our all day Mastermind Groups with 24 of my best and sharpest members who gather every month to work on their business and ‘mastermind’ with one another. They have all previously been influenced by Dan Kennedy and myself, and still, they were blown away by the value, content, and specific take-action strategies that Dan gave to them.

I reminded them that it does not matter what you “heard” then or before, but what you can check off your list as ACTUALLY DOING!!!

In addition to an incredibly valuable event where people drove from 5 and 6 hours away to meet Dan Kennedy for the first time, it served to raise the cream to the top of the Entrepreneurial Barrel in Indianapolis, and helped to introduce the smartest, most assertive, and serious-about-success entrepreneurs to our secret society of like-minded people that gather each and every month to go to work on their business, learning, implementing, leveraging their way to MORE, BETTER, FASTER success.

Of course, as could be expected, there were all walks of life.  There were a “mix breed of dog” as Dan likes to say.

And yes, there were WINNERS and LOSERS.

And rule number one in this business and any business with customers (that’s every one of them by the way)


Nope, not a chance, a losing proposition, like trying to save the Titanic, swimming in front of it trying to lift it up with one hand. It’s not going to happen.

So, sure, there were people grumbling about “being sold to” and over looking the fact that

1 – you would be stupid to not want and expect resources to be offered (As if Dan could give you all of his knowledge in just 4 hours)

2 – people actually thought for $49 and Free Guests that we were doing the event purely for their entertainment.

3 – what’s funny is that the “pitch” was about 12 minutes in total length, the content and ideas, and strategies from Dan that other members in the country pay $1,000s each year to attend events where he speaks for 45 minutes, they got 3 hours and 18 minutes of pure marketing and money making information.

I tell you this only to prove a point –

You’ve got to put things in place in your business that allows the Winners to win and the Losers to lose. That allows the best customers to prosper and identify themselves.

You must sift and sort the ones who are serious from the ones just pretending.

You know why…

Because just like a bunch of employees, the good ones don’t want to be around the bad ones.

Winners don’t want to be around losers.

And it’s the leaders job to sort them out.

You were all part of history, and as I promised it will change the face and environment of business owners in Indianapolis.

You will be part of the movement that lifts up the economy, because better, smarter marketing (Dan Kennedy style marketing), is catalyst for business growth, and giving you the ability to…

CREATE AND MAKE your own economy – your own success.

Our July Chapter Event which is a hands-on WORKShop where you get me and others working directly on your business, no pitch, no product, no 100s of guests in the room.

Our once-a-month members-only meeting, where you’ll achieve more in 3 hours than in the 30 other days, will be on July 8th.

You should register now to avoid seating limitations

It’s all about the most important part of any business, marketing, sales, and strategy.

That is PRICE!

We’ll be covering the 4 P’s that put you in control of your customer and dictate the only thing that ultimately matters – PROFITS!!!

Every month Winners WIN and Losers LOSE and there is nothing we can do to change that or to convince one to become the other.

The only I do and You must do for your customers is to create and provide an environment that supports and facilitates success for the Winners and deters the Losers from trying to get in.

Win with me on July 8th and experience the ultimate Entrepreneurial Success Environment

By registering:

I always say, it’s worth you hanging around just to watch what we do.  I promise the most insightful explanation on ‘price’ and ‘profit’ for your business, and a complete makeover and question answer session for You live, on July 8th.

Winners will be there, will you?


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