Coming Full Circle, and the 3 Books that Changed My Life

Coming Full Circle, and the 3 Books that Changed My Life

June 1st, 2011 // 10:42 am @

Coming Full Circle, and the 3 Books that Changed My Life

I believe it was about 7 years ago, maybe 8.  I was still heavily involved in my martial arts schools working with a consultant in that Industry named Stephen Oliver.  Who is still on top of that industry, at least his part of it.

To this day, there is no other person who was catalyst for my success and where I am now, than this man.  Although it started with Martial Arts, it had nothing to do with that.


What I owe him the greatest “thank you” for is introducing me (and the Martial Arts industry) to Dan Kennedy.

I flew out to Denver Colorado to participate in his Mastermind Program, which at the time was giant leap of faith for me because I had been through many cycles of success in the martial arts business but just wasn’t making it as big as I knew I could.

On the very first day he mentioned the name Dan Kennedy as the person he studied, followed, and participated in his Mastermind, throughout the day he continually referenced this Dan Kennedy fellow and I said to myself, geez, why do I not know who this guy is?

Then, I did what every shy, not wanting to meet strangers, much younger person that I was at the time, would do – I skipped Dinner and stuck to myself, but I didn’t just sit in the Hotel Room, I found the nearest book store and tracked down this Dan Kennedy guy and for the rest of the trip and the entire plane ride back I read all three of Dan’s original No BS Books.

I faxed in the little form at the end of the book called “The Most Incredible Free Gift Ever” and I took the plunge or catapult, or blast off, whatever you want to call it and I landed on Planet Dan.

And, I’ve never looked back.

You can read “the rest of the story” as they say, at my bio on

Now, 7, 8 years later, I’ve got my own little planet where I’m highly paid, highly sought after, and work with hundreds of Entrepreneurs from around the country helping them do what Dan Kennedy did for me.

The reason I share this story with you is two fold.

First – you simply never know when and where you will find LIFE CHANGING Opportunity.

You always must must must be looking for it, atuned to it, and ready to grab it and run.

You have to expose yourself to as many things, environments, and opportunities as possible.

This is a large part of the game of the ultra successful.

Second –

My life has come full circle and now I’m personally, officially, and immediately offering you the very same opportunity and life changing event that I was presented with 7 short years ago.

But, I’m going to do it with more than a reference, more than a “meet the Author” through a book, I’m going to do it first class and I’m going to do it right here in Indianapolis.

I’m talking about, for the first time and only time, I’m bringing Dan Kennedy, himself, LIVE and IN PERSON to Indianapolis in 22 short days from right now.

The man who opened my mind to the possibilities of entrepreneurship.

The man who has shown me the way to become in control of my own time, business, customers, and income.

The man who has allowed me to create a life of opportunity and the business of my dreams.

The man who (other than me, of course) is the biggest reason I’m living rich today.

Regardless of where you are at in your life, your business, your journey to achieving your grandest ambitions – Dan will take you to new levels of success.

You have the opportunity that I wish I would have had 7 years ago.

To spend 4 hours with Dan Kennedy teaching me one very simple thing…

Well, 10 things actually.

10 Ways to Double Your Income in 29 Days Or less.

It will happen on June 23rd and get this –

Because bringing Dan to Indianapolis, truly brings this phase of my entrepreneurial life full circle, I’m looking to expose as many of my closest friends and followers to Dan on this one day.

So, the fee, well let’s just say, it’s less than I paid for those 3 books that changed my life in that Denver Bookstore 7 years ago.

You can get your ticket and all the information right here:

I hope you don’t take this opportunity lightly, do what I did, grab this opportunity, and change your life, alter your income, and reach new levels of success you’ve never thought possible.

I have and am still.

And you will too.


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