Whats Your Money Comfort Level?

Whats Your Money Comfort Level?

May 11th, 2011 // 10:36 am @

Whats Your Money Comfort Level?

Last week at our Chapter Event I mentioned something during a discussion and I always know when it’s something that ‘stuck’, or made an impact on someone because they bring it back up at the end when we go around the room and everyone shares their “ah-ha’s” and committed actions for the next month.

I said, “show me someone who doesn’t like to be sold, and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t sell very much…”

I could have gone on to say, someone who doesn’t like to buy, doesn’t sell.

The point was made regarding people being offended by being offered to buy things – period.

The principle is simple, people either appreciate others making money, or they resent it.  All too often I see people uncomfortable by others making money.  I think it’s crazy.

Seriously, how can you operate a business, intending to make money, when you have stupid feelings about others making money.  Talk about a money-repellent.

You might as well not even try.

Here’s one of my favorite lines to tell people when they are first getting involved in “our” world.  “If you don’t want people to complain about your prices, you shouldn’t be complaining about others either!”

The bottom line is – You must embrace money, encourage it’s flow.

I say if you want to make more money, attract more opportunity, get rich faster…

You have to let go of money – let it flow, let it flow, let it flow.

Here’s the best way I’ve found to describe this ‘letting money flow’ thing.

It comes from a Poem or Story about Love that I heard many years ago.

(yes, I’m using Love to illustrate a point about Money…that’ll teach ya, won’t it)

It goes like this:

If you go to beach and pick a handful of sand and you want to hold on to the sand, so you decide to squeeze your hand closed and keep the sand really tight and safe, protecting it.

So you think.

When you open your hand, you’ll be lucky to have anything left at all.  Maybe a few grains of sand, at best.  Your tight grip has forced all the sand away.

This is what happens in a relationship, with Love, and with Money.

Been there, done that, let me tell you!!!  Learned life the same way, I believe everyone else does, the hard way.

The only way to keep the sand in your hand, to keep love in your life, and money –

Is to open your hand, nurture, care for it – NOT suffocate it.

A few weeks ago I told you to “just go sell something dammit”

And today, I say to you, “just go buy something for goodness sake”

Give some money away.

Invest in something you want.

Heck, go blow some cash!

You’ve got to get out of thinking money is limited, opportunity sanctioned, only so much to go around.

It’s not.  Only YOURS is, when that’s how you treat it.

So, here’s a fun little exercise for this week.  Go out and enjoy money.  Watch people spend it, you spend some.  Go find the best sales presentation in town for whatever it is you’re in the market for and have some fun being sold.

You’ll make more money – immediately – because of it.

Here are three things for You to do, to get more comfortable with money.

1 – carry cash.  Borrow, steal, pawn something – I don’t care – but stop walking around BROKE.

I don’t care if you’re a millionaire or trying to be, you have to carry cash.

And if you are selling ANYTHING, ever – which we all are – you got have more money in your pockets than the customer does in theirs.

2 – spend more, give more, find ways to let go.  With the cash you are now carrying, make sure to have at least $20 in loose bills with the sole purpose of giving them all away, tips, gifts, whatever.  (increase amount and frequency for greater impact)

3 – pick something that you really want, big or small, but a financial stretch is the idea.  Then set a date that you want to achieve it by.  If you do it right, you’ll create enough extra money to acquire this item or fulfill this experience, if you have become comfortable with money.

Certainly, I’m not talking about sitting on the floor, lighting candles, humming, and hoping for more money – I’m telling you – if you intentionally, forcefully, and authentically, work towards, and consciously become more comfortable with money

You will:

  • Make more
  • Sell more
  • Earn more
  • Create more
  • Keep more

Embrace, nurture, accept, enjoy, celebrate this for you and for others.

Life will be so much more fun.


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