SuperConference Report from the Trenches

SuperConference Report from the Trenches

May 4th, 2011 // 10:34 am @

SuperConference Report from the Trenches

I’d like to use this weeks Manning Email, or E-newsletter or whatever Ryan calls this thing that you so faithfully read every Wednesday, to give a few shout outs to some important people in my life and a quick recap on the 2011 Glazer-Kennedy Marketing and Money Making SuperConference, all at the same time.

For starters, Dan and Bill and the GKIC Staff did it once again.  A fabulous time was had by all…life changing an understatement.

As you know, I flew in on Tuesday, conducted business on Wednesday and enjoyed the SuperConference the rest of the week.

There, along with 1200+ of our other closest Entrepreneurial friends, we “went to work” and “built a better business” as that was the theme of this year’s SuperConference, and that’s exactly what happened.

I want to start by saying Thanks to all the GKIC Indy Members who showed up and conquered all.  I appreciate their positive attitudes and team spirit.  I lost track of the times they told me “thanks” for getting them to Chicago, and just how life changing it was.

We had members getting pictures with Kathy Ireland, making international connections, learning, growing, and getting excited about all the possibilities.

Over 40+ members, including about a dozen kids, TEAM MANNING was in the House.
SuperConference 2011 - Indianapolis Members

Also, Luke Russell and his posse make a killing at their first ever Vendor Exhibit, showing off his one of a kind Facebook Transformations, his booth and expertise was the talk of the vendor halls.  I’m so proud of Luke and his take no prisoners approach to ‘just making stuff happen’ – Luke, through my encouragement decided to pull the booth off just 2 weeks before, and I’m happy to report, this one 3-day event has taken his business places that were only in his  imagination before.

Great job Luke…it’s just the beginning

Also, we had two amazing women competing for the Marketer of the Year, they were the only girls, I believe, and they did wonderful.  Just to be on stage, to have the guts to compete, let alone get chosen to present, what an accomplishment!!!
Scott with Marketer of the Year Finalists AJ and Suzanne

Not to mention AJ, who headed up Operations T-Shirt that every year helps our group to stand out and get noticed all over the SuperConference venue.

I could go on and on, so many people, making such a contribution to our group.

This is the biggest, most significant event of the year, for the Glazer-Kennedy Universe, and it could not have gone any better.

Of course, it’s the support of our members and the entrepreneurs from Indy who are committed to success – I appreciate each and every one of You.

So – I want to take a minute to recognize one of my closest friends and personal confidants, and a man who has helped me achieve everything that I call “GKIC Indy” as a Business Advisor for Dan and Bill, which, many years ago, started it all…

Mr. Stand-up, Howard Zeiden.  He can work a room like nobody’s business and he been great to me and it’s always nice to spend time with Howard, as it only happens a couple times a year like this, and I look forward to it every time.

Also, I must give a big shout out to Mr. Outrageous himself Bill Glazer.

I’ve been fortunate to continue a developing friendship with Bill and this year we have taken on a project we call the Extreme Marketing Makeover…if you’re a member, you might have caught the live stream playing on Friday.  I look forward to every opportunity I have to work with Bill and to learn from him.

Bill Glazer has had a direct influence on me both through marketing and business development, as well as many other areas of life and business.

I always remember the night that I made the decision to become a Business Advisor for Dan and Bill, I told Bill that I was going to make him proud – he responded without hesitation, that he was going to make me rich.

I’m happy to report we’re both living up to our end of the agreement.  And it all began at the SuperConference and each year it gets bigger and better.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures and reading about our time at the SuperConference.

The morale to this email is quite simple – You’ve got to have a team.

At the end of the day, no one person can get anywhere or accomplish anything, not and sustain it, without other people to support them and assist them.

Life’s too short, you run out of time.

Not surprisingly, every person registered for next year’s SuperConference before they left this years, because the road to the 2012 Glazer-Kennedy SuperConference began the day after this one ended.

It’s where lives are changed, businesses are made, and where leaders gather and bring their teams to grow –

Thanks for another great year.


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