I must be in a good mood-you’ll see…

I must be in a good mood-you’ll see…

May 18th, 2011 // 10:37 am @

I must be in a good mood-you’ll see…

This week, I’m going to mix up a little entrepreneurial life philosophy with some hard hitting make-you-money-now tactical principles that you can use.

I say I must be in a good mood, because it’s not every day, or any day for that matter, that I’m dishing out this kind of powerful advice for free.

Ah, the sun is shining, life is great, and there’s more opportunity for you and me than ever before.  I figured I’d use our time this week to help make sure you’re getting your share of the ever growing, always tasty pie of prosperity that’s yours for the taking, when you follow our marketing and money making lifestyle.

Here’s 4 of my favor marketing and money making sayings and how you can profit from them:

1.  Thou who shows up the most makes the most money

It’s a simple rule really, one that cannot be broken, by law of the universe.  If you are in front of your customer more than anyone else, you’ll make more money from them than anyone else.

I teach a proprietary and very specific relationship marketing formula that literally transforms my members and clients businesses by making their lists much more valuable and responsive.  This isn’t the place to get into that here, but it follows this principle.

For you, now, the simple approach is to show up more often.  Send AT LEAST a weekly email, and the most successful (making the most money) marketers are showing up daily.

Also, don’t just rely on email, show up in the mail as often as economically possible.  Create your own media, a newsletters, or something else where your customers come to look for and expect your communication.

Another tip, expand your auto-responders, add a step in your follow-up sequence.  Commit to giving people more opportunities to buy.

When in doubt – SHOW UP!

2.  If you don’t offer it, they can’t buy it

This is important.  And something I believe very strongly in, always having an A/B option, or a basic/premium or a standard and an upsell.

This goes to basic selling philosophy.  Your prospect should not have to choose between YES and NO, they should choose between A or B.

Most importantly, if you don’t offer a premium version you are simply leaving a lot of money on the table.  I don’t have time to give you the 80/20 lecture, but, customers like me, we just don’t want the CHEAP option of ANYTHING…and at least 20% of your customers don’t either.  They will pick the more expensive option on general principle.

If you don’t offer it, they can’t buy it, and you’re leaving money behind, and customers unsatisfied.

3.  If there is no money attached to it, detach from it.

You want to know why you don’t make more money, have more customers, enjoy your business more?  It’s because you (and everybody else too) spends more time screwing around with things that do not have money attached to them on the other end.

You’ve got to become keenly aware of how you invest your time and what the results in terms of dollars.  Of course you have to consider short term and long term.  Writing a sales letter doesn’t make you money while you type but it’s a leveraged asset afterwards.

You would be amazed if you stopped everything you are doing for one week, and came back into your office, your business, your life 7 days from now – how little the world would have missed you, that everything’s basically the same.

If you want to make more money – do more things that have money connected to it.

Emails, phone calls, meetings with people that don’t directly make you money, or make you smarter (like reading this) then they’ve got to go.

Force yourself to always do “Money Tasks” first, the other stuff doesn’t matter, and if it does, someone else can do it, or you can, when you get around to it.

4.  Environment is everything

While this one sounds the vague, it’s actually the most specific and the most important.

The longer I do this marketing and money making thing, and the better I get at it, the more I realize that no matter how good I am, environment is always the equalizer that ultimately decides the outcome and sustainability of success.

Who you hang around, the stuff you put in your head, people you follow, and principles you adhere to ultimately determine the level of success you can have.

For the sake of time, I’m going to summarize it this way.

The other day I was meeting with someone who is becoming a good friend of mine and who I intend to leapfrog their business into the 7-figures from a lower 6-figure current business.

I could do this quite easily.  The reason is because, as I explained to this person, THEY are a Level 10 person, have a level 10 opportunity, capable of a level 10 income –


They are trapped inside of a Level 3 Box…in other words environment.

This environment can be many things.

It can be where you go to get customers.

Who you do business with.

The company you keep, the people you learn from etc.

And always, it has to do with the Business Model.

Above all else, your environment is dictated by the level of people you associate with in a business context.  You can only achieve the level of success equal to the level of those around you.

For one, you probably don’t know any better.  As in this person case, I don’t think they knew that based on who they are, and what they do, they should be making at least 2 or 3 times their current income, automatically.

Now, the only way to fix the environment is to make sure that you have a place or a person that transcends you to higher levels of thinking, higher levels of marketing, higher levels of entrepreneurship.

You must have some catalyst to blow up the box and the environment that you are trapped in and recreate a new and better model to build your business so that it matches with your goals and ambitions.

I work with people all over the country and this is the exact thing that we do.  If you are local to Indianapolis, you’re lucky, and you’ve got a place to come to every month where this will happen.

It’s the only thing holding you back, and the ultimate income leapfrog is elevating the environment, the model, the people, the opportunity that you are building your business in and around.

There you have it.  4 powerful Marketing and Money Making principles, I hope they’ve triggered some thoughts, more importantly some actions!  Take each one and profit from it.

If you use this weekly email newsletter like you should, for inspiration and immediate execution of ideas, you’ll find our time together here will be worth far more money than the lengthy words that I write.

Go forth and prosper.  Your piece of the pie is waiting… for you to come back for more.


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