Charlie Sheen and the Fine Line of Success

Charlie Sheen and the Fine Line of Success

April 13th, 2011 // 1:09 pm @

Charlie Sheen and the Fine Line of Success

The other day my brother, only half-jokingly, said when he saw Charlie Sheen doing his little rant on TV, he said he saw some resemblance to me…

Of course he was not referring to the drugs, prostitutes, family neglect, and abusive behavior.

Obviously not.

He was making reference to his statements of absolutes, self-righteous talk, obsessive nature, unwavering self-assurance, and extreme pursuit of ‘Winning’.

And I responded, as I often do when someone points out these things –

That I’m well aware that for most of those issues there is medication available.

That thought has never crossed my mind, because I’m afraid it might work.

Fixing these issues isn’t what is needed, not for the rabid entrepreneur and hungry for success and to help other people type-of-person, such as you and myself –

No – not fixing – harnessing.

Dan Kennedy often talks about his “obsessive” nature and that he is careful what hobbies he takes up because anything he does he would want to master and that requires obsession.

You’ll be as successful as you commit to being.  Period, end of story.

And it sure is easy for people to mistake passion with obsession, isn’t it.

Just as it’s easy to mistake confidence for arrogance too.

In most cases, it’s either obvious someone, like Charlie Sheen is an idiot.

But, others, not so obvious, because people who aren’t pursuing what we’re pursuing simply can’t understand.

I could name the longest list of people who achieve success and significance and if you look closely that, they all have Charlie Sheen characteristics, just harnessed differently.

And, to be fair, it’s these same traits that led Charlie to being either one of, or the, highest paid sitcom actor in the present times.

It’s what’s required.

The point today, is simple, success is a fine line, what it takes to achieve it and what it takes to stay there.  People will call you crazy and a lot of other things – they can’t understand.

Just know, minus all the negative, illegal, and harmful stuff – inside Charlie was a person who achieved success and couldn’t handle it, not because he changed, because he lost control of the same things that led him to the top, brought him back down.

What will due you in, hold you back, and keep you from achieving all of your dreams and ambitions is not being out there enough, not being crazy enough, not pushing hard enough, not being committed enough.

“Committed” what an interesting word.  Don’t you think.

To be successful you’ve got to be.

And often times those around you think so too.

A little play on words – I know I’ve been committed and others have often thought I should be…

But I never subdue the things that make me successful, that make me, me.

You can learn a lot from Charlie, both extremes, exactly what not to do, and exactly what you’ve got to do…I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out the difference.

Whatever you do – don’t take what Charlie’s taking, and don’t take what anyone else suggests either.

It just might fix you.

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