I paid $3,678 for this ONE idea, and I’d have paid 10x that… you get it for free!

I paid $3,678 for this ONE idea, and I’d have paid 10x that… you get it for free!

March 9th, 2011 // 10:29 am @

I paid $3,678 for this ONE idea, and I’d have paid 10x that… you get it for free!

My Big Takeaway from Dan’s “best event ever” this past weekend.

Last week I flew up to Milwaukee to visit with a good friend for a consulting/work day on a project we’re beginning together.  From there I met Ryan and two of my best buddies and clients in Cleveland for Dan Kennedy’s Opportunity Concepts Marketing 3-day Event.

And hands down, from everyone, I heard “Dan’s best event ever…”

So, a big THANK YOU to Dan and I’d agree with them, although I’m a bit more fickle perhaps, because I think every event is the best one ever!

I also had a great opportunity to have breakfast with a good friend, mentor, and the fearless leader of the GKIC Universe Bill Glazer.  We talked over several projects in the works and caught up on things.

Flew back home on Sunday, and now off to Las Vegas for 4ish days – starting with meeting with a friend and new client, then selling at a 2-day client event.

Fun stuff.

Today, I thought I would share with you my BIG takeaway from Dan’s event.  Of course there were several, I’m going to give you one – BIG one – today – that will really help you, and that I guarantee you can improve dramatically, your selling results and conversion if you apply this rule.

It went something like this –

Dan walked through the “numbers” of determining the size of your prospect universe.

Starting with say 100,000 for easy math, only 5% or so of these are good prospects that match with what you want.

That takes it down to 5,000, and of course out of this only 5-20 percent at the very most will buy anything or be good customers.  So at best case you’ve got 1,000 credit cards to get, people to convince, and customers to buy.

Here’s what you want to do with your entire business –

EVERYTHING YOU CAN to speak to those 1,000!  Not the 4,000, and definitely not the 95,000.

The 1,000.

So often, we fall into the trap of trying to market to the 99,000 prospects that aren’t really prospects and try to convince them to give us a try, to listen and learn and see if we can change their mind, to get them to believe we might be for them.

It’s a hopeless, helpless, lost cause.  Because you aren’t for them, that’s why we call it your TARGET MARKET – not the ENTIRE MARKET, YOUR target.

I could give you a multitude of examples of how people get this wrong.  Instead let me tell you why it is so important.

Because if you are not doing everything to be like, attract, talk to, and convince the 1,000 –

You will instead alienate them and they will resist and refuse.  They will tune you out and ignore you altogether.

Here’s the homework:

Go back and re-clarify, exactly who Your customer is, who you are for.  Identify your target market within you overall market – and then describe them, in detail, everything you can.

And get very clear on WHY they Buy.  What problems do you solve for THEM…

Make sure your marketing connects DIRECTLY, INTENTIONALLY, FORCEFULLY, and confidently with this exact person.

Turning away all others.

You know this is happening when you are offending the 95-99 percent of the NOT-YOUR-Prospect people.  When the message is foreign to them.

You have to be NOT for someone in order to be FOR someone else.

By the way, I get this right, every month at our Chapter Events.  In fact just a month or two ago, I was told by someone who invited a guest that they just knew he wasn’t going to like me…he was right, and his guest told him so.  Ha, good news for me, opens up a seat at our sold out events for “one of us”.

I could list at least a dozen things I do every single month at our Chapter Events to alienate those we call “losers” the ones who don’t belong, pretend Entrepreneurs.  And I have to, it’s for the benefit of everyone involved including those that don’t fit in.

You need to make sure your marketing and message is doing this too.

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