Getting Lucky With Money (a week late but just in time for you)

Getting Lucky With Money (a week late but just in time for you)

March 23rd, 2011 // 12:20 pm @

Getting Lucky With Money (a week late but just in time for you)

Sure I know it’s a week late, but last week I wanted to share with you about my trip to Las Vegas and the business lessons learned while it was fresh in my mind.  Since I didn’t get a chance to share much about good ole St. Patrick’s Day – I can’t resist commenting.

I love St. Patrick’s Day – no real reason.  I don’t drink any color of beer and I don’t party, but I like green and everything that carries the color, including money.  Also, sometimes people mistake my brother and I for Irish because of our pale skin and redish hair.  But, we’re not Irish, Welchmen to be exact.
Anyhow – Here’s my 3 principles for getting and staying lucky in life, love, and business.

A week behind, but for you to profit from none the less.

Number 1 – You’ve got to expect to be lucky.  Sure, that comes from doing the right things, but believe me, no matter how many times you point yourself in the right direction, if you are expecting the worst you’ll get it.

This is not to say simply being optimistic, no, as Dan Kennedy talks about all the time, coined by Napoleon Hill, accurate thinking is critical.

When you set out to do something though, since it’s you doing it, you ought to be confident about the outcome.  You have to expect to get lucky.

That means that your actions and strategy have to warrant the thinking.  You need to be following a plan, with purpose, that you are intentionally taking action on.  Then, you have no reason to not expect to “get lucky.”

This is one of the main reasons I’ve got a waiting list for Private Coaching Members, and have private client projects lined up a year, nearly two, in advance.  Because they know when they get me, they get experience across many industries, tried and true strategies, and a damn good bet that they’ll get lucky.

No kidding, I’ve got clients that just want to keep me in there life because “things seem to work better and move faster when Scott’s around”.

That better be the case, because that’s what suppose to happen.

Number 2 – You can’t get lucky if you’re sitting on the sidelines.  In other words, if you’re dealt a band hand, and choose not to be dealt again, pretty obvious you can’t win, you can’t get lucky.

One of the biggest problems I see with entrepreneurs is that they think a “strategy” or a “business” is no good.  Instead of taking responsibility.  The simple fact that someone somewhere is doing better than you are means there is room for improvement.

But most people want to jump from cloud to cloud searching for the next rainbow instead of hunkering down, building a solid business, and watching as the clouds part to discover the rainbow was right there with them all along.

Think about it, how many professional athletes have a slump and instead of work on their skill, they switch sports because “it must be something with the sport – can’t be me”.

None of them.  So, as a business owner, don’t be so fickle.

And, while you may see this as contradictory to number 1, you should know it goes hand in hand.  When you stay in the game, play more hands, get dealt more cards, you will find ways to win.  And that’s exactly how you get lucky.


Luck Principle #1 is Expect to Get Lucky

Luck Principle #2 is Play to Get Lucky

And finally Number 3, go out and find Luck, don’t wait for it to find you.

In other words, create your own luck.  The best way to describe this is with Dan Kennedy’s Renegade Millionaire philosophy of “antennas up” meaning that you are always aware and alert for opportunities, (or said another way “luck”).

For number 3, you are looking for people, places, things, ideas, and all of the above.

You’ve got to hang out with successful people (attend our No BS Indy Chapter if you’re local) and listen and learn from experts who are kicking ass and taking names, and be hungry for new information, all the time.

At Dan Kennedy’s Opportunity Concepts Event in Cleveland on the last day, one of the last examples, I got an idea from another attendee, then commented on by Dan, that I am now able to execute and roll out into 3 or 4 of my private clients businesses.

That’s huge.  For them, for me.  Obviously you’re smart to be here, where I’m bringing you ideas and opportunities each and every week.  You’re smart to be eating, breathing, and consuming everything Dan and Bill do.

The bottom line to principle number 3, if you want more luck, you’ve got to be where luck is created.  You won’t find it by yourself hiding in your office, or going to goofy little meetings, and certainly not hanging around people less off than you.

To review:

Luck Principle #1 is Expect, plan, strategize to Get Lucky

Luck Principle #2 is Play (work), be in the game, to Get Lucky

Luck Principle #3 is Be Alert, Opportunistic, be a searcher to Get Lucky

I challenge you to make sure you take inventory of your life, business, and how you invest your time, that you are focusing on these 3 BIG categories of action, thinking, and behavior.

These three principles will lead money to you and you to the money…and hanging around here with me, well, just consider me your money charm, bringing you luck and reality all at the same time.

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