A Spring Time Story About How NOT To Get Rich

A Spring Time Story About How NOT To Get Rich

March 2nd, 2011 // 10:26 am @

A Spring Time Story About How NOT To Get Rich

In the flavor of spring, or at least the hopeful anticipation that it does in fact get and stay here for a while, I’ve got a profound analogy about making money, finding success, and how it all ties directly into the beautiful things that are created in the spring time…


If I were to point to one thing, gun to my head, to identify the reason more people do not find success it comes down to this;

Because they get caught up in trying to find, identify, or predict which tiny little sperm of an idea might actually make it home…

Instead of remembering to plant ALL the seeds.  And, give all them all a fighting chance at finding success.

Honestly, can you imagine making babies by selecting just one of those little guys and saying, “okay, now go for it, no pressure or anything, we just expect you to be successful on the first try and give me my little baby.”

C’mon.  How many of those guys are there, millions, billions, heck I have no idea, but I know it’s a lot.

Geez, it may take only one to get the job done, but god gave you better odds than that.

Yet, I see so many people try to build a business, get rich, and pretend they have earned the right to call themselves entrepreneurs when they are playing with the “one seed philosophy”

Bad news – it ain’t gonna work.

One of the most memorable things I remember hearing Bill Glazer say that he noticed about people who were not as successful as they had hoped to be was that they simply were not doing enough to be successful.
Ideas are a dime a dozen – and I always like to say, ideas may make you feel good, but actions make you money.

The amount of money you make, success you find, customers you help, is directly related to the number of things you DO in a focused direction to achieve that goal and purpose.

When I heard Dan Kennedy say, “it’s all number one” I never forgot it.

If you try to become successful doing things one at a time, you’ll never make it.  You’ll die a slow death of poverty and frustration.

Think about the famous Ray Kroc (founder of McDonalds) quote, when ask about competition copying him, he said, “I’m not worried about the competition, we can innovate faster than they can copy!”

That’s the attitude.

Here’s the deal and what I want you to get now, as we dive into the 3rd month of this year.  You cannot expect to win in business flying low with the one sperm approach.  If you want the baby, you gotta throw everything you’ve got at that goal.

In life the harsh truth is – the universe hands you back just about exactly what you ask for and exactly what you deserve.

Look, to be funny for a minute, and risk offending some of you (as if I have never done that before) I’ll tell you what a friend of mine once said when hoping for a baby…

“Scott, you know, we’ve been trying to have this baby now for a while, and at first, I was frustrated, now, I’m just enjoying the process…”

And that’s what you’ve got to be in your business.
You’ve got to enjoy the process and be clearly focused on your goal.

Then, realize, it’s all number one.  Everything must be done.

Now, remember this, at the end of the day, it truly does only take ONE breakthrough to make it all happen, just like that one little guy who makes it home…

You just never know which one it’s going to be.  So stop gambling your business on “ONE” and focus on MANY.

I bet you never thought you’d hear in your life, more sperm equals more money…how’s that for a success analogy.

For those of you who are local to Indianapolis, I have some good news.  Over the next couple weeks I’ll be sharing with you a concept that will transform your business once and for all.  It will end your frustration, your struggle, your lack of sustainable results – for good.

I call it the 4 Building Blocks of Business Success.

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  1. Latisha

    13 years ago

    RPiKbK I’m impressed! You’ve managed the aslmot impossible.

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