One Down, Eleven To Go – Are You Keeping Score?

One Down, Eleven To Go – Are You Keeping Score?

February 2nd, 2011 // 1:54 pm @

One Down, Eleven To Go – Are You Keeping Score?

Just yesterday I finished a full day of Private Coaching Phone Calls for my members that I work with on an individual basis.  I enjoy these days because I get to hear all the great and fast progress people are making and it’s such a variety.  Literally, I go from 7:00am until 7:00pm with just a few brief breaks in between and we have a lot of fun.

It’s rapid fire and no time for delay in the conversation, as it should be.

Something I wanted to point out for you, as we move through the 2nd month of this, no-longer “new” year.

Many of my coaching members I saw last week either for our session or during the Mastermind Day, the rest of them I will see next week.  And while I often try to space out the phone day from the meetings, based on the demand on my schedule and 356 out of 365 days already pre-allocated with stuff do to, the days fall when they must.

Anyhow, you would think that having a meeting on Friday, then a phone call on Tuesday, might be redundant, might seem like not much could happen over the weekend and all.

You’d be wrong.

In fact, you’d better be wrong, because if someone is taking up space in one of my groups with a list of others waiting to get in, they’d better be earning their spot at the table by working and making progress.

And they do.  Which is why I enjoy 12 hours of non-stop phone calls.

The reality is, if someone is or intends to be a successful entrepreneur, one day, 24 hours, ought to have so much occur that you can’t possibly keep track of it without a note pad and a pen making a list to remind yourself of what happened 4, 8, 12, 16 hours ago.

If you’re not having this problem, that’s a problem.

As you look back at the distant weeks since January 1st, and breathe a sigh and say, “geez, January’s already over”, you’ll know right away whether or not it’s a good sigh or a bad sigh.

Now, before I give you my top 3 ways to make sure you get more stuff done.

I want to give you the really good news and also, some very very bad news.

First, it’s not to late to catch up, to make up for a slow-start January…you’ve still have a whole (well, a part) of a year to go…so get to it, and you’ll be just fine.

Now, the bad news, whatever has kept you from having record success or the very best year ever, so far, in 2011, whatever’s been getting in your way the past few weeks –

It’s not going anywhere – nope.  It’s called life.  It’s here to stay, more good news, you’re not alone, everybody else has been dealing with it too…

So, enough with the pity party okay – I suggest you worry about my 3 rules as much as you worry about all the stuff that gets in your way everyday – and then challenge yourself to have your own conversation everyday and ask yourself how much is different at the end than when you started the day.

You keep asking yourself that question, you’ll start having answers.

Just ask my coaching members, I did yesterday, and believe a lot’s different, they’d be scared to get on the phone with me if that wasn’t the case…as it should be.

The 3 Rules…

#1. Be hungrier.  Have goals.  Focus on them, obsess over them, be disciplined and serious.Do you think, if you ask Donald Trump what he was up to, thinking about, or planning…what his goal was or project happening this month – “he’s have to pause and say, we’ll I’m not real sure, haven’t thought about it much, there’s just so many other things going on…”

Don’t think so.

#2. Use and make lists to hold you accountable and keep your priorities in order.  Paper and Ink lists.  Keep them in front of you, on your desk.  Look at them, don’t go to bed until you’re happy with the outcome, what’s crossed off, what’s executed.  Simply start writing shit down…work from a plan not a doohickey, a plan, something you can see, that feels real, that once it’s on paper it can’t be erased or deleted.
#3. Be all about the Numbers.  In everything – work to the clock. Numbers.  Focus on the money goal.  Numbers.  Count everything.  Keep score.  It makes the game more fun, painful sometimes, but that’s a necessary essential part.  If you are afraid of numbers you’ll never make it…truly, stop being scared, you can only measure numbers, not how productive you FEEL, only how many results your productivity got you, how does it all measure up.

A bonus – dump the time wasters, the negative people, in fact, stop hanging around people who aren’t giving you money.  If you want a friend, find something they can buy from you.  Geez.  Common, other people work for a living, you can do that and be around people all the time, else you can build a business…a BUSINESSS not a social club.

You are only safe being in and around people like you.  People following the same rules.  People holding themselves up to the same standards.  There are no exceptions to success, it’s not an a la carte menu.

Just remember, at the end of the day, it ought to look different than the way it started.

If you can do this everyday, and you follow the 3 rules, you’ll be winning the game as the year progresses, and it will be your best year ever…

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