Praying for Rain

Praying for Rain

January 26th, 2011 // 1:53 pm @

Praying for Rain

You betcha, that’s what they were doing when I was in Orlando last week.  Heck I bet they’ve got all the Indians from some Disney Movie in the back dancing and prancing around just trying to bust those clouds open.

And it worked, at least it seems to work just about every day in Orlando.  Perhaps Walt knew what he was doing when he picked that spot.

So, why do you suppose they want it to rain so bad.  You’d think an outdoor amusement park would fear for rain wouldn’t you.

Of course, unless, people travel from all over the world to come to your park and aren’t about to let a little water stand in their way.  If that’s the case, as it is in Disney, why not just find a way to profit from it.

Try the $7.50 Disney Rain Poncho.  Sold by the thousands… but who’s counting.

In every business there’s a ‘rain cloud’ that can be turned into profit, in some cases literally.

None the less, after I broke down and purchased my poncho, it sure enough stopped raining in about 5 minutes.  Hey, I had a blast though.  Nope, couldn’t make it over to the Magical Kingdom, but I enjoy Epcot like a kid in a candy store.  Very interesting.  And believe me, I studied.  Talk to Cast Members, watched people, check price points.  Wow, what an experience.

Dan Kennedy swears by the fact that any serious Entrepreneur should visit Disney at least once each year, without the kids, because there’s just too much to learn.  Oh, bring the kids, but on another trip.

And I’ll say, I’ve made that commitment to get back there this year.

I’ll give you 3 quick lessons from being at Disney and a couple quick comments about Winners Weekend.

#1 – They hold you hostage, keep you captive, and surround you with EVERYTHING Disney.

If you’ve been, you know what I mean.  Know this, you’ve got to stay “on-site” it’s just a world of difference, you get the full effects, you see the magic happen.

Literally, you forget the outside world exists.

What are you doing to take your customers out of ‘everyday’ life and let them escape into your world.  They all do want escape, you know that, don’t you?

#2 – Next up, the Cast Members know everything, every question, they are ready for it.

I’m not going to talk more about this, but really you could have fun trying to stump them.  Where to eat, where’s the bathroom, how much is that, any thoughts about this, and on and on – they were sharp, well trained.

In your business, are you letting details fall through the cracks, any slip up in your process, with your people, etc leaves room for customers money to stay in their pocket and the satisfaction to diminish.

#3 – Lastly, for now, since I spent so much time at Epcot and the World Showcase, I have to tell you it was amazing.  Every single person who worked within a “country” in the World Showcase was from that country.  No, not in the past, I mean right now.  They were picked up shipped over, part of a cultural college work program or something.

Bottom line, the strategy in and of itself is genius.  But, I believe even if no work program existed, Disney probably created it, but if it were impossible, they would still hire only people from the individual countries.

Because that’s what should happen.  It’s about being authentic and creating the experience that exceeds expectations.  Amazing.

In your business where do you cheapen the experience…you shouldn’t.  If you must raise your prices, but give customers what they deserve, give them what others can’t, give them reason to step back and say, AMAZING.

Now, for Winners Weekend, Ryan and I had a wonderful time.  Great people, sharp and HUNGRY winners, hungry to be there, hungry to improve, hungry to soak up the experience.

It was fun.  And I’d like to publically thank Bill and Dan for putting it on and showing us all a great time, great leadership, and great hospitality.  Above and beyond, just like Disney.

You may or may not know that I host my Private Clients and Top Level Coaching Members at a Retreat once each year in the Summertime, that was similar to what we did in Orlando.  It was nice to be the recipient and sit back and enjoy.

As for breakthroughs – I’ll save them for another time.

But, one overall comment about everyone there, and what I think will help you the most.

If you don’t look for bigger opportunity, you won’t find it.  Most people get stuck in their business doing what they do, and it becomes a cycle, even if growth occurs, it’s gradual at best, maybe multiplied, but when you hang around the likes of Dan and Bill (and me) you discover expansion opportunities, exponential opportunities, often time using what already exist in your business… but change certain variables.

It could be changing: Who, How, What, Where, even Why – you sell.

One of our biggest breakthroughs was changing “who” we focus on and “what” we sell, long-term.

Do you give this much thought, ever?  I hope so.  And if you hang around here enough, pay attention, it’ll rub off on ya, believe me.

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