Magical Link to the Money

Magical Link to the Money

January 19th, 2011 // 9:15 am @

Magical Link to the Money

Today, as you’re reading this, I’m sitting in the Disney Boardwalk Resort in Orlando (hopefully sunny Orlando), I’m busy churning out work for various projects and clients I’m responsible for.

Ryan and I are participating in what’s called “Winners’ Weekend” with Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer.  The place each year where various “marketers of the year” and other contest winners come and spend a few days with the captains of the GKIC International Ship.

It’s an honor to be here and for being voted as the “Best of the Best” Business Advisor in the country – a contest held at an annual summit put on by  Bill, Dan, and Howard for all of the Advisors.

Anyhow…I’ll give you an updated next week about our experience.

On to you… and “creating magic”

I have no doubt that by the time you read this, I’ll have experienced “creating magic” in more ways than Mickey Mouse in Fantasia.

Last week I said to our Chapter Plus Group…

(where we focus on implementation, and taking action before you leave each Monthly Chapter Event, and where I personally take you by the hand, answer questions, and help you build a plan based off our Event)

I said that, we must always be focused on being in the “creation of money” business.

So many people are always ‘expense’ oriented… not MONEY focused.

At Disney, where I’ll be for the next few days, this magical place is known for its ability to create money too.  And I’d say these go hand-in-hand.

Money and Magic, Magic and Money – that’s what you ought to be scheming and plotting, planning, and orchestrating each and every day in your business.

As you go back and review your “Goals-to-Money” Blueprints we went through last week, be sure you are always applying each action, strategy, and idea directly to that magical money link.

Homework: catch yourself whenever you start thinking about “expenses” rather than opportunity, investment, and money creation.  Don’t let yourself start thinking about limited beliefs and things your customers would cringe at if they knew.

I’ll give a full report from the happiest place on earth next week – but know this – Disney makes magic for its customers and money for itself, because they go all out to ensure that BOTH happen.

One without the other, impossible.

Where should you be, can you be, will you be focused on CREATING MONEY and opportunity in your business this year, and how will you be making magic happen for your customers and clients?

Here’s a dose of pixie dust and a wave of the magic wand, POOF, GAZAM, PRESTO –

May your magic money making creation powers make 2011 your best year ever.

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