What can you do in 31 days?

What can you do in 31 days?

December 1st, 2010 // 10:57 am @

What can you do in 31 days?

I find it silly that many entrepreneurs I know lazily coast through the end of the year. They use the Holidays as excuse, ‘no-ones-buying’, or not enough time, or why start something new now, etc.

When they ought to be racing to get the most out of what’s left. Think about it, if you’d like to willingly hand over about $8 for every $100 you earn, then I know some people who’d be happy to take it from you. Because that’s what it’s like giving up 1/12 of your year.

Now’s the time to kick it into high speed, put the pedal to the medal, because EVERYBODY’s buying something. And even if your product or service isn’t much of a ‘holiday item’ there’s a lot more you can do. Everybody knows you run faster when you see the finish line for this 12 months, you don’t slow down.

Now, next week, I’m going to give you 12 specific things you can do, in honor of the upcoming 12 days of Christmas – this week, just some things to think about.

1. The most universal ‘reason why’ and conversation in people’s heads – The Holidays

2. The most obvious and real Deadline, the end of the year – or Christmas

3. The perfect time for renewals, upsells, and upgrades – great for fear of price increase

4. Best of All, it’s the perfect time for something New – everybody’s looking for it and wants it

Simply, use what you’ve got, the asset of the Calendar, but whatever you do, don’t slow down.

Sure, once in a while there’s good reason to NOT do something…

For example in most industries it’s a terrible idea to have a seminar in the middle of December. And sending a bunch of direct mail to Professional Practices who might take extended vacations across Christmas and New Years is also a waste.

But, doing nothing. Bad idea, of which you will not feel the consequences of it until long after the Holidays, about the time your credit card bill comes in January when you were too busy shopping instead of stocking up on ideas and money.

Oh, spend, spend, spend, but don’t forget that your primary responsibility is to SELL, SELL, SELL!

What should you be doing, right now, that December’s here?

Well, there’s a giant list of lots of productive and profitable things You can and should be focused on, that the end of the year is perfect for. I’m going to give you my top 12 next week.

For example, what you do in the next 31 days will directly impact how fast you start 2011, how many new customers you get in the first 30-90 days, and certainly how much money you make.

Know this, it’s easy to make as much money this January as you did last January, go ahead and kick back and take a rest if that’s all you want.

Want more? Then the time to make it happen is right now.

Today my intention was to at least attempt to motivate you to get off you couch from in front of the fire place, eating Santa’s cookies, and get back in the workshop…there’s toys to be made, opportunities created, and money to collect. Get out there and sell something…you wouldn’t willing give up a 1/12 of your income, 1/12 of your day, or 1/12 of anything – so don’t give up a 1/12 of you year.

Get to work. And stay tuned next week for a special Top 12 ways to profit now.

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