TOO Much Time – NOT Enough Goals!

TOO Much Time – NOT Enough Goals!

December 22nd, 2010 // 9:09 am @

TOO Much Time – NOT Enough Goals!

If you ask around, you’ll never hear what I just wrote.


You’ll only hear the opposite…

“so much to do, not enough time to do it in”

And blah blah blah

I say, pfui.

Too much to do is NEVER the problem.


That’s the one thing I’ve noticed most about successful people and that you hear me talk about, illustrate, and quite literally beat you in the head with is that the people who make the most money get the most done. It, for the most part, really is that simple.
Oh sure, you’ve got to be getting ‘the right stuff’ done, but that’s a given, an obvious, at least if you’re hanging out here, with me. Listening to and learning from Dan and Bill, again, you’re already one-up on information, know-how, ‘what-to-do’…
That’s why the most important thing is “how fast you’re doing it”.

Let me be very clear with what I’m telling you this week, the week of the Christmas Holiday. The reason you are finishing the year with less accomplished than you had hoped, planned, and predicted, the reason you’ve got more than 10 days worth of stuff left to do but only 10 days left to do it. Is because You’re giving yourself WAY TOO MUCH TIME to accomplish your goals.
You know the other saying that goes hand-in-hand with this, something like “the task will take up whatever amount of time you allow it to.”

So, as the new year rolls around and this one comes to a close, I challenge you to go back to the drawing board and SHORTEN the time you’ve given yourself to accomplish things in 2011. At our Year End Mastermind session, which was incredible by the way, at the end of the event I ask everyone (as we do every single month) to tell me the one big things they were committed to accomplishing in 2011 – and everyone went around the room and stated their major objective. Then, I very directly, seriously, and aggressively said – “Now, that goal you just stated, what you just told everyone you would accomplish in 2011, I want you to make that your 90-day goal, done by March. PERIOD. Achieve it faster, make it happen. You don’t need 12 months, do it in 3…or less”

Here’s what will make you a ton more money in 2011 and make you feel like you’re getting stuff accomplished – stop allowing yourself so much time for so few goals. Whether you need more goals or not is debatable, you do need focus, but you also need speed, and forced action.

You need to do more in less time and it’s starts by you saying that’s what’s going to happen.

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