What’s Your Halloween… and a “Success Trait” you can’t afford to Neglect!

What’s Your Halloween… and a “Success Trait” you can’t afford to Neglect!

November 3rd, 2010 // 9:50 am @

What’s Your Halloween… and a “Success Trait” you can’t afford to Neglect!

First, I want to tell you about a “success trait” of people with money, that you can easily copy and learn to live by. Over the weekend I attended and assisted with The Author Marketing Summit, ran by my friend and client Adam Witty, and his Company Advantage Media Group in Charleston.

This event serves primarily as a Client Appreciation Event mixed with a Seminar type Environment where Authors come to learn more about Marketing and Building their businesses.

The Advantage Staff did a superb job and as I told them in our meeting on Monday they are more “client-centric” than any group I’ve seen.

What’s instructive in seeing why they’ve got such a first class organization and why Adam’s been so successful, is what happened Monday after their event concluded. All members of the team were locked in a room for an hour or so and each took turns talking about every single comment made by attendees, every idea they could think of to improve upon the event from last year, and anything that was learned from the past 3 days.

Not one year later, not the night before the next event, but the immediate day after, they painstakingly debriefed, took notes, outlined improvement and set themselves up for an even better event the next year.

Sure, there was the typical “great job” and “high-fives” to each other, but the focus was on what’s happens next, how can we top this one, let’s make it better.

Same thing Peyton did Tuesday after their triumphant and revenging win over the Texans Monday night. And, then, just as you must be, it’s on to the next thing…

This is the type of thing you’ve got to be doing with your business, your marketing, your customer interactions, and especially with your sales process – you know, what happens in between the marketing and the money (of course it’s all marketing, as you know) you’ve got to be working to ONE UP yourself and your results, your outcomes, and your INCOME.

Question: How often, routinely, habitually, are you reviewing and reflecting on your day, your week, your every business action and seeing where improvements must be made, where adjustments are needed. This IS the business, this IS the game we’re playing.

Don’t misunderstand, what’s done is done, but what happens next MUST be better. It’s your responsibility to make improvements, to manufacture more money.

Now, back to Halloween, in downtown Charleston where I stayed while at the Summit, it was a party every night, literally, college kids in costumes of anything and everything imaginable. I’ve never been the party type, but it is instructive, that such an occasion can coral and herd up so many people doing such silly things with all the effort to be dressed up and all – they look forward to this all year.

Can’t you craft such an event for your herd as well? And if not, you know the saying, if you can’t beat them join them. After all, we talk all the time about “entering the conversation in their mind” and I teach all my clients that the more you can integrate yourself into your customers lives the longer you keep them and the more valuable they become. Costume parties and Halloween may not be it for your customers, but there’s something you can get your people rallied around and create a connection to them, an event that moves your relationship forward.

If not, create one. So, if you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’ll connect the dots.

Adam’s Author Marketing Summit… his Halloween, for his customers, once each year where they rally the troops, put them in an environment they are passionate about and that serves all purposes. More integration into his customers lives, results in better customers.

Create your own Holiday, or tie into one, but as often as you can, rally your troops. You’ll profit from it.

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