They just want the answers silly…

They just want the answers silly…

October 26th, 2010 // 9:45 am @

They just want the answers silly…

Well, are you ready? The 3 most important things You must do to increase your sales are…

You’ve probably heard the old public speaking concept of:
“tell them what you’re going to tell them”
“tell them”
And “tell them what you told them”
Or something like that.

That’s very similar to what your prospects and customers want as well. To put it simply, they want you to give them the answers.

Oh come on, what did you think that they actually wanted to figure stuff out on their own. Heavens no – why would they be giving you money then. As Bill Glazer likes to say, “they don’t want you to teach them how to fish, they just want the damn fish.”
And in making a buying decision it is no different.

You will make more money, convert more prospects, and altogether live a less frustrated life if you exert more control over your prospects and customers!

Okay, I think you are ready.

Here they are –
1 – You must tell your prospects HOW they should FEEL
2 – You must tell your prospects WHAT they should DO
3 – You must tell your prospects WHY they should BUY

Tomorrow, I’m going to let you listen in on a brief talk I gave to our Chapter Plus and Mastermind Members where I elaborate on this concept and I tell you straight up why You and just about every “sales guy or girl” has got it all wrong… always has and always will so long as they (and you) keep thinking and selling in the wrong way with the wrong approach.

Most people do it all backwards… letting the prospects be in control, pfui, who’s the expert here anyhow.

Listen in tomorrow and I’ll all start to make sense.

Let me emphasize this point, if they knew what to do, how to feel and why to buy, they certainly wouldn’t need you selling them now would they.

So, I challenge you, double dog dare you, draw a line in the sand in front of you, and say You’ve got to stop wasting your selling opportunities, you’ve got to stop leaving it up to your prospects, and your money and income up to chance.

On November 5th I’m going to personally walk you through the Ultimate Prospect Conversion System and apply everything I’ve talked to you about so far this week.

Choosing the right WHO
And the 3 things listed above.

We’re going to immediately improve your marketing and selling process, right there on the spot at our November Chapter event.

Remember, Marketing and Selling go together, but what’s in between is CONVERSION and especially right now, in this economy no waste can be allowed, tolerated, certainly not accepted by you.

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