Make Success Happen

Make Success Happen

October 13th, 2010 // 2:06 pm @

Make Success Happen

I’ve got a lot to report on today, including telling you the biggest difference, secret, behavior, trait, or whatever you want to call it, of people who find success, and why others don’t.  It’s worth the read.

First, fresh off a very successful October Chapter Event last Friday, I’d like to give a shout out to all (very smart) New Members!!!  It’s been a very busy time at the No BS Indy headquarters and we’ve got a lot of great things happening… including a whole bunch of members finding fast success with fast action.  As example, this month’s Marketer of the Month winner, who you’ll have to wait and see in this our Marketing Video of the Month…

Chip Kessler, author along with Dan Kennedy of the MAKING THEM BELIEVE gave great insight into what it takes to get more customers buying.  He highlighted authority, talked about how to make price of no importance, and emphasized the necessity of systems.

He gave an unprecedented special opportunity to invest in this entire MAKING THEM BELIEVE archives, audio CDs, and in-depth study program.  If you missed the event or left without action, I suppose you could email Ryan and beg him to buy.  At least you should go to Amazon and get Chip’s Book.

Second, as I write this, I’m en route to Boston for a very exciting trip… including a day of consulting with a new client, a one-day seminar event for another client, and 2 days of sightseeing, exploration, fine dining, and just plain old enjoyment of a City I’ve not yet been to – I just love to go to new places – I’m really excited for Boston!

So, before I tell you ‘the secret’ I just want to say, now is an amazing time to be an entrepreneur.  I’ve got more clients starting more new endeavors, finding customer and money quickly, and looking to aggressively expand — than I’ve seen in at least the past 2 years.  It’s obviously not because the economy is making it all possible – it’s because THEY are making it possible, and choose to MAKE success and money happen.

We’ve got new members lined up every month wanting to get in and taste our secret sauce for marketing and money making.  They’re hungry (sometimes in more ways than one, but never the less) and they’re thankful to find The Place for Prosperity, here in Indianapolis.

Let me reassure you, there is no other place that you can be plugged into that will force you to results, and lead you to your business dreams, than our group.  Being plugged into with me, and into Dan and Bill, is the smartest thing You can do – PERIOD.  Our secret society of entrepreneurs are kicking government and economic ass and taking money to the bank.

If I were going to give you two secrets today, the other one would be “environment”!  It really is so much about where you hang out and who you hang around…

Now, for your secret, and a solution…

The difference between those who are success and those who are not, is in how much stuff they get done.  It really is that simple.  Those who make more money get more done.

How people spend their time (or waste, probably better choice of words) tells you a lot about how serious they are about achieving their goals, making money, and actually, tells you a lot about them as a person, in general.

There are a too many reasons here to list on why people don’t get things done.  Including, lack of confidence, belief, motivation, discipline, and on and on… which is all the reasons why you need your monthly dose of Marketing and Money Making Medicine at our Chapter Event.

This week though, I’ll give you some practical advice, by way of my new client who I’m visiting with in Boston, tomorrow.

Stever Robbins has complied a long list of accomplishments and achievements, including working with many top CEOs and Executives around the country on leadership and productivity to name a few.

His newest feat you can find on Amazon… or any bookstore in the country for that matter.  A few weeks ago his newest book was just released, “9 Steps to Work Less and Do More”

I’ll be helping him turn that book and the rest of his experience into a million dollar information/coaching Business Empire.  In case you were wondering.

It’s a fun read, and he’s amazing at putting personality into his writing, plus you’ll pick up some tactical tips, tricks, and strategies about how to get more done.

Here’s your objective for this week, spend less time out there in the world screwing around with people who won’t give you money and will only waste your time — and invest more time getting stuff done in your business that you know leads to more customers and profits… You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll see, feel, and count the results when you shrink the amount of bullshit time and increase the amount of DOING! You owe it to yourself.  And here’s my promise to you, hang around me and our group long enough, it’ll rub off, or we’ll run you off.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about Boston and find time to share some insight from my travels.

For now, you’ve got two things to do, buy Stever’s book (click here:

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