Forget “New Year” Resolutions , I’ve got a MONEY MAKING Resolution For You

Forget “New Year” Resolutions , I’ve got a MONEY MAKING Resolution For You

January 14th, 2010 // 12:23 pm @

Forget “New Year” Resolutions , I’ve got a MONEY MAKING Resolution For You

I hope, as you read this, it finds you well underway in your “Year 2010 Objectives and Agendas”.  I know based upon the response, participation, and energy from everyone I work with closely, there is a whole lot of productive, exciting, and hungry Entrepreneurs out there with plans to kick ass and take name this time around.

And, quite frankly, that’s exactly the attitude you’ve got to have.

I told them that what was important, and the only way to really get things done, and get any “different” results to 2010 than 2009, or years prior is FORCED PROGRESS!

The keyword being F O R C E D!

When you look at marketing, money making, and success in general in your business, you want to have systems, events, people, structure in place that will bring you results, money, progress, outcomes, growth, often times in spite of yourself.

If you follow me on this.

For example, something as simple as a DEADLINE, that forces you to get the project done.  What’s the “tipping point” as everyone likes to say nowadays from the Author Malcolm Gladwell.

What puts you, your marketing, your commitment past the point of no return that forces you to finish, follow-through, and get to the money.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Go from “vision” or goal.
  • To idea
  • To concept
  • To strategy
  • To dividing up into specific actions steps

Then, put something in motion, that makes it impossible for you to backtrack, retract, bail out, or stop before it’s complete.

  • A promotion
  • A promise
  • A date
  • A seminar
  • A product

…You get the idea.

Whether or not you’re a “new year’s resolution” kind of person or not, I’ve got one for you…

IDEAS Make You Feel Good | ACTIONS Make You Money

Live by that one – this year – and profit big!

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